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the waitress at milliways

Sam's Playlist for iTunes (or Apple Music? idk how any of this works - bring back Limewire pls)!

Source / get the direct link to iTunes here.

Do you have certain songs that remind you of the show or books?

FOLLOW UP Q: How does this compare to his Spotify playlists from 2014 (shout out to bern1down for finding this back in the day)?
oh my heart-james
crossfire-brandon flowers
albatross-fleetwood mac
underwater love-smoke city
wild mountain thyme-the silencers
my girl-the temptations
tell her this-del amitri
the time (dirty bit)-black eyed peas
i wanna-all american rejects
somebody told me- the killers
dirty little secret- all american rejects
teenage dream- katy perry
space walk-lemon jelly
bubbles-biffy clyro
don't you think someone should take you home-butch walker
many of horro-biffy clyro
pretty melody-butch walker
jar of hearts-christina perri
candy-paolo nutini
god & satan-biffy clyro
sexy boy- air
all the lovers-kylie minogue
swim until you cant see land-frightened rabbit
good arms vs bad arms-frightened rabbit
keep yourself warm-frightened rabbit

i miss you-blink 182
marry you-bruno mars
we are young-fun
time stands still- all american rejects
devil in me-22-20s
romeo and juliet-the killers
dont you think someone..-butch walker
my girl-temptations
Tags: music / soundtrack, sam heughan, tartan bae
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