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Summary of Ron's Podcast for 2x02

- "What episode in Season 2 is not a costume episode? [I need to do a podcast]", says Terry.
- The opening sex dream sequence was Ira's idea after the episode was broken. He felt there needed to be a moment where it was clear Jamie is still dealing with the after effects of his rape.
- Ron liked the idea they ere starting inside Jamie's mind, then their bedroom, then the streets of Paris instead of the reverse, which would be more traditional television storytelling.
- Terry always envisioned a scene with Claire at the dressmaker's to explain how she got a whole new wardrobe.
- All of the interiors in the apartment were shot on the sound stages, and then all of the exteriors were shot in Prague many months later.
- Terry and Jon Gary Steele were most excited to create Master Raymond's apothecary set and his costumes. Terry says it's her favorite costume of the season.
- Terry talks about outfitting Delphine, Master Raymond's assistant, and wanting it to be clear she's not a servant at Castle Leoch because she's a middle class shop girl.
- "Sam is dedicated to wearing that kilt" says Terry, of the discussions about when and where he'd wear it while in Paris.
- Terry is angry that Jamie's boots are not shown in the shot where he's talking to Murtagh after practicing sword play.
- The decision to make a brace for Jamie's hand was partly done so Sam didn't have to worry about keeping his fingers stiff all the time, as well as it being a visual reminder for the audience that he was injured happened last season.
- Sam was adamant that the brace be strong enough so that Jamie could still use a sword.
- Ira came up with the Murtagh/Jamie sword fighting scene to remind the audience that they are very physical, active men, and are fish out of water.
- Ron and Terry bicker about how the podcast is being recorded and the inability to pause so Terry can look up a term... oy.
- Ron and Ira argued about how the brothel was portrayed. Ron did not want a bunch of women sitting in laps with their breasts out, he didn't buy that a prince would go to a place like that. Terry chimes in that high class brothels would feature higher class women, and skits and things that were sensual but not in your face nudity.
- Terry didn't like the dildo moment at all - "I hate it". She wanted it to be something like the women acting out a sexy nursery rhyme.
- Ron and Terry *love* Andrew Gower, who plays BPC. Terry says he's one of the sexiest men you'd ever meet but it's a credit to his acting that BPC comes off as such a goof.
- Terry wanted to show that BPC is definitely not Scottish, which is why he wears what he wears compared to Jamie, Murtagh, or Jared (simpler, earthy tones). Often they'd put together a costume for Charlie and wonder if they could get away with certain outlandish color combinations, but the point was to make him flashy and foppish.
- Ira came up with BPC saying "mark me". Andrew picked up on it and would add it himself to lines in other episodes.
- They talk about in the 18th century they really didn't have dressing gowns or sleepwear, but Ron would want a scene to be recognizable to a modern audience as feeling more intimate, or at night. So even if it wasn't historically accurate, they would include it for the sake of the storytelling. In those cases, Terry's team would just make up what something might look like (example: Louise's robe during the waxing scene).
- They say something about not showing the actual waxing "because Cait was already shaved" but I'm gonna assume they were talking about her legs. Ron says they didn't need to show the actual act, and they love that the monkey screams with Louise does.
- Ron says it felt too soon for Jamie to have sex with Claire during the honeypot scene given the opening with his dream. He wanted Jamie to feel almost ready but then pull back.
- Ron compares reading a book to reading an editorial or an essay in a magazine, with watching a television show to listening to that essay being delivered orally - there is a different rhythm required which is why some things have to be changed from the books to make them work for the show.
- Terry hates the shot looking up at the red dress on the staircase because it accentuates the shortness of the dress and makes the eye go there.
- The inside of "Versailles" is Wilton Castle in the south of England.
- Ron and Terry both call Cait a jewel :).
- Anne Kenney particularly liked the king's toilet scene in the book and kept bringing it up in the writer's room. (WHY, ANNE WHY!?!?)
- Terry insisted that her department make the stag fan because apparently fans were requesting it specifically.
- Ron loves the actor that plays Duvernay. They wanted to combine the foot fetish guy with Duvernay so it felt more cohesive. The whole sequence was shot at Wilton Castle. Terry now admits she probably made the red dress too short.
- Originally they had Duvernay sucking on Claire's toes but there was no way Cait was getting out of the red shoes.
- The actor playing Duvernay came up with drying his wig in front of the fire and then putting it back on despite being a hot mess.
- Terry says that Simon Callow really enjoys being on the show and has a lot of fun with it.
- Terry originally wanted to make Sandringham over the top costume wise, but Ron told her to pull back and make him conservative because that would be more unexpected.
- Terry bought Claire's earrings from Saks. She remarks that jewelry and buttons don't really change that much over the centuries.
- Terry says the red dress is the farthest she wants to go as far as pushing the envelope with historical accuracy in costuming on the show (basically if it weren't such a fan favorite book moment she would have never made the dress).

You can download the podcasts here.
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