Zoe (death_spoon) wrote in ontd_sassenach,

Frock Flicks Interview with Terry

This one is really good, actually. Maybe the best interview I have read with her:
Frock Flicks goes in depth with Terry Dresbach on her process, historical details, costume mishaps, and more. They pull no punches.
It is kind of impressive, really, to go in a different direction than the interviews in the past. This isn't a safe interview for her- she is up against people who might know as much about historical costuming as she does.
Some highlights:
- She admits to her lack of research in some cases (why there was so much back-lacing, for instance, at a time when it wasn't particularly popular).
- Why they had to make all the costumes (apparently Versailles and Pirates took all the good ones).
- How they lost a majority of their staff mid-production (which sidelined many planned outfits or details).
- Terry, apparently, does not sew. She explains one cannot expect an architect to do manual labor, so why should she, if she provides drawings and construction elements?
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