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Round Up Post! ICYMI...

ICYMI in the Last 2 FFAFs:

Sam and Cait Talk About Their Auditions (Video)
What Happened to the Comte Kissing Claire's Hand in 2x03?
Cait at the April 28th W Magazine Party in NYC
Stanley on a Motorcycle in LA
BTS Costume Fitting Photos of Sam
Sam (and Romann) and Cait Wish JAMMF a Happy Birthday!
Radtio Times Article About Season 2
Andrew Weber (BPC) Posts Pic as Thank You to Fans
Metin Posts Adorable BTS Pic of Duncan and Romann
Article About Violence on Outlander
Audio of Cait doing "Wake Up" on SiriusXM
Cait's WSJ Interview (Video)
Script for 2x04 w/ Toni's Comments
Cait at the Met Ball Coverage
Sam Confirm's Using a Jamie Gesture from the Book
Ron Interview w/ Variety
Cait Interview w/ USA Today
Diana's Favorite Episodes from Season 2
Pics & Video of Cait at Jodie Foster's Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony
Fan Pic w/ Sam
New Book 9 Daily Lines
Cait Radio Interview w/ EW Live on SiriusXM
Interview with Cait & Sam On Pregnancy Sex
Sam Video Q&A
Sam & Cait Outtake from Emmy Mag Photoshoot
Lionel (King Louis) Interview with Access Hollywood
Krysten Ritter Talks Being a Fan of Outlander
Fan Pic of Cait
Pic of Cait at a Money Monster Screening
Adorable Twitter Banter Between Sam and Romann
Nice Press for Sam (specifically) After 2x05
A BTS Pic of Rosie Posted by Sam
BTS Pic from 2x05 w/ Lionel, Tobias, Sam, & Cait
Fan Pic w/ Sam
Pics of Cait at LAX
Video of Stanley in the Hollow Crown!
Sam in Haute Living Photoshoot
Sam, Cait, & Tobias Talk 2x05
Pics of Cait at Cannes Red Carpet Opening Ceremony
Cait at the Money Monster Photo Call at Cannes
Sam Working Out Pics
Pics of Cait at Money Monster Premiere at Cannes (scroll to the bottom of the page) + More Here
Interview with Cait at Cannes
What's in Cait's Bag? Article
Cait in Vanity Fair (Pictured at Cannes)
Stanley Weber Interview w/ Elle(adorable)

Posts with Outlander News:

Sam's Scotland Inspired Playlist for Apple Music
The Story Behind the Daybed Scene + Rosie Day Interview
Summary of Ron's Podcast for 2x02
Summary of Ron's Podcast for 2x03
2x05 Promo
Summary of Ron's Podcast for 2x04
2x04 Ratings
2x05 Sneak Peeks + Updated w/ 13 Promo Pics!
DG's Comments on 2x04 So Far + Other Info From Compuserve
Radio Interview w/ Cait on SiriusXM's Bevelations
Cait in People Magazine
Outlander Style and Symbolism for 2x04
Twitter Q&A w/ Ron
Frock Flicks Interview w/ Terry
BJR Featurette w/ New Season 2 Footage
2x06 Promos
Cait on Happy Sad Confused Podcast w/ Josh Horowitz
Sam in Haute Living Magazine
2x06 Video Sneak Peeks
Outlander Style and Symbolism for 2x05
Cait on the Rachel Ray Show

Posts with Discussion/Community Focused:

(Note: All episode discussion posts can be found in the "Live Discussion" or "Episode Discussion" tags. All links post can be found in the "Links" tag.)
2x04 Early Live Discussion
2x04 Episode Links
2x04 Starz Airing Discussion
2x05 Early Live Discussion
2x05 Episode Links
2x05 Starz Airing Discussion

This is the first one I've done of these in MONTHS! Sorry y'all!
Tags: round up
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