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Outlander Style and SYMBOLISM

I promise there is more to talk about this time, lol. But sorry guys if these posts have been kinda boring lately.

  • Interesting note TLO make about the back of Claire's dress: They point out how it's a "Watteau back". I have been scouring Frock Flicks lately, and they make a point of mentioning every time they see a lace-up back on a dress, because apparently it was very uncommon (as most dresses opened on the front or side, there was no need to have an additional back lacing). And court ladies at the time would have a volante hanging back pleat/cape. This is something FF even brought up with Terry in their interview, as a historical inaccuracy. Terry admitted it was a mistake that she thought they were more prevalent than they were (because the references she found had a disproportionate amount of back lacing). And now, interestingly, it's affecting how a reviewer sees the costume. Instead of it being just another back design that Terry used for possible variety, it becomes a a message about Claire's relation to these ladies. Something possibly unintentional! But in this case, it serves to underscore the "not right"-ness of how Claire is feeling, as it looks more out of place in the hospital than her usual dresses.

  • The extra humor of Murtagh's frenchman outfit is made from the fact he has been consistently costumed in kilts or casual trews this whole season.

  • Randall's coat, a costume, as a storytelling device (in the brothel).

  • Terry makes an appearance in the comments, listing something TLO missed about Balenciaga. She seems to be taking tips from DG in petty comments.

Tags: costumes, questionable styling choices, season 2, terry dresbach
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