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Starz Releases New Midseason Key Art!

Outlander's time abroad has come to an end.

The Starz time-traveling romance drama spent the first half of season two in France as Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) attempted to sabotage the doomed Jacobite rebellion from the political side in Paris, but everything they tried to accomplish for the good of Scotland took a major toll on their marriage. After Jamie broke his promise to Claire to not hurt Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies) for one year and Claire suffered a miscarriage, the battered couple decided to return to their home in Scotland, optimistic that they can change history and win the war against the British on the ground.

The Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive first look at Outlander's midseason key art after Jamie and Claire make their way home. While the earlier season two key art was heavily French-inspired to signal the location change, the midseason poster returns to its Scottish roots. Reading "Long live Scotland," the image shows Jamie and Claire back in the Highlands, leading an army of men including Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix) and Dougal MacKenzie (Graham McTavish) on horseback as they attempt to change fate and lead the Jacobite rebellion to victory.

The poster comes on the heels of Starz's announcement that starting in July, the premium cabler would be moving all of its original scripted fare, including Outlander, to Sundays. "Sundays are a prestige night and we feel our shows are definitely going to be very competitive, not just in viewership but in the attention-getting business on Sundays," Albrecht told THR . "So it made sense to move."

Outlander airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on Starz. A return date for the second half of the season has yet to be determined. (OP Note: Umm... what? I'm guessing they mean Season 3 and just got confused.) (OP Note 2: This last line was removed from the article)

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