mandersonmsp (mandersonmsp) wrote in ontd_sassenach,

Thank Fuck We're Going Back to Scotland Gif Party Post!

Folks, we had a rough episode last week. But GOOD NEWS—we're getting the fuck out of Paris! Let's go back to our roots and celebrate the rain and the mud and the tartan with GIFs!

Any GIFs that celebrate this show are welcome too...

To get ye started...

Jamie and Claire's first horsey!

Remember how those first episodes had dirty hawt eye sex and palpable UST?!

I don't think he's talking about the horse.

So, Sassies...
Ye'll have NO arguments from me JAMMF!
Tags: #pervnation, but i like ye fine, flashback, gif, have you accepted caitriona as your lord, horsey by the door, horsey in season 2, is there any more whisky, knee porn is real and powerful, party, sassynachs, then a thousand more (feels), thighlights, we deserve our boobs, we snark because we love, we're ladies of grace, xoxo gossip murtagh
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