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Outlander Flashback Monday #2!

11/12 UPDATE: Added more tweets from 9/20/13 (an adorable exchange) and 9/21/13
11/10 Update: Sprinkled in a few Matt Roberts photos from late November 2013 :)

Previously on Outlander Flashback Monday: Sam Heughan is cast almost immediately as James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser. Fans are satisfied with the selection, but they're all like, "Why you no have Sassenach?" Ron D. Moore's resume basically exudes, "Dinna fash, I speak Klingon." And so Sam's forced to wander this Earth alone for three months until they can locate his Claire. Then one day... BAM... Caitriona Balfe manages to fit her flawless aura into the audition room and it’s a done deal.

Oh, in case you were wondering, back in the 1800s, while listening to "Memory" from the musical Cats, JAMMF decided to go with a lovely scallop-edged border to compliment his and Claire's wedding photo in his scrapbook. "Och, aye, verra nice, verra bonny."

When last we saw Cait and Sam, they were whisked away to Bonny Scotland to begin filming their epic love adventure story of a thousand feels.

Right before their first set visit, fans check in.

Sam and Caitriona horse around on Twitter with War Chief Dougal Mackenzie.

Sam teases his leading lady.

Maril, Graham, and Sam have an adorable exchange about GINGER JASPER:

Sam tickling Jasper's tummy?

I'm going to need a video of that.
On September 20, Sam and Cait take what is most certainly an adorable trip to London.

Lovely Cait can't complain:

The cast is verra pleased so far:

By September 23, production is kicking in to gear. Caitriona is getting ready to start a grueling shoot:

Fans wonder why there hasn't been much Twitter activity. What a needy bunch! ;)

Sam gets a new guitar to annoy the Outlander cast and crew with. This excited little puppy!

Caitriona kicks off her Outlander work week on September 30:
QUEEN CAITRIONA celebrates her 34th birthday with her Outlander family October 4:

And then this adorable Happy Birthday from JAMMF to Claire. Seriously, their banter would warm a (wo)man to the back bone just by reading it.

THEN, Outlander has its first day of shooting!!! Must've consisted of Caitriona's World War II scenes, where she was covered in blood and told Access Hollywood, "I looked like I came out of a scene from Carrie."

You guys! We have the best Claire!

Now, prepare yourselves for gorgeous Scotland location PIC SPAM. God bless our oversharing hero Sam Heughan's heart!

October 4:

October 5:

October 12:


October 13:

October 14:

October 15:

Shot of Castle Doune from our Queen on October 24:

MOAR exchanges from our two leads about an article in The Scotman... I mean, come on... Does it ever stop, the adorableness?

Heart. Eyes. Mother. Fuckers.

Additional proof of how hard our cast is working to bring us quality television with UST and sexy-times—They're surviving the weather and mud!!

Equine jokester is looking for more followers and Mr. and Mrs. Fraser are happy to help him out. Oh, you two, I like ye fine.

The sun comes out on October 27... Maril Davis is also a cutie!


The cast receives Halloween treats from Maril:

Sam mixes two of his roles, Batman and a Highland warrior:

When not on set, the flawless Caitriona finds herself in a pickle:
Sam to the rescue!

Je Suis Prest, indeed!! Our bodies are ready too...

Seriously. The adorableness between these two is overwhelming!

Dead. Deceased.

The first of many jokes about Claire Hair:

No rest for our Queen 'til Craigh na Dun, but just like our heroine, she wants some Rhenish!

I friggin' love this flawless cast!

November 18 shoot photo from Matt Roberts:

Humorous debate over the pronunciation of scone... Important things here, people!

Herself pipes in:

And the delicacy that is banoffee pie:

Another gorgeous shot from Matt Roberts:

Cold day for the cast on location:

Ginger Jasper is the best Outlander set mascot!

Sam has flogged people problems... Too much time in the makeup chair!

Cheeky Sam response:

Caitriona chose the November 27 Photo of the Day:

Happy Thanksgiving from Outlander:

Sam and Cait are the gifts that keep on giving!

And then there's this...

Sweet tiny little baby Jesus, these two continue to provide entertainment for fans and all posterity.
This flawless, gorgeous woman:

Shout out to the Outlander drivers leads to teasing between Sam and Cait!

Sam shares holiday decorations around the studio:

And then he and an ADR tease Caitriona with vegetables:

Caitriona fights back—this lovely, lovely woman!

By December 4, this lovely cast and crew are starting to wrap up before the holidays:

Apparently December 5 was a pretty windy day for Caitriona:

Ginger Jasper tortured with festive holiday garb:

tweets this photo on December 14, and some ONTD_SASSENACH detectives have determined Caitriona is the other person in the photo:

Finally, our favorite flaw-free lass has her bags packed ready for the break!

On the next Outlander Flashback Monday: Sam and Caitriona encounter the fanbase for the first time at the Outlander Fan Gathering and meet The Author Formally Known as Herself.

I hope you all enjoy this edition of Outlander Flashback Monday. I might continue adding things, so check back for more. Hopefully this wasn't too long, but me know if there is anything that I missed or would make this weekly post better. Certainly want to include everything unless you all feel it's like No Tweet Left Behind. Thanks to di_elle for help with tracking the tweets. This was kind of when Sam and Cait were in prime banter stage, so there was quite a bit!
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