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Summary of Ron's Podcast for 2x07

- They knew this would be a stand out episode of the season from the start. Toni wanted to adapt this part of the book specifically, just like 1x11, the witch trial, last year.
- The bit in the library with Bree was Ron's idea that he wanted somewhere in the season to touch base with future!Claire.
- Toni talks about the book picking up 5 days after Claire loses the baby and knowing it already happens. Toni wanted to change it for the show, that we actually see Claire learning what's happened.
- Ron says they spent a lot of time in post trying to figure out how Claire would "see" the bird. Was it an animation that came out of the book? Was it literally in the hospital?
- Toni says she came up with the heron specifically to replace the "blue light" in the book, which wouldn't have translated to screen.
- Toni wanted the Virgin Mary to be the first thing Claire sees when she opens her eyes. The figurine was made by the prop department.
- Matt Roberts directed the scene with Claire and Brianna.
- It was Ron's idea to have a scene where Claire is giving last rites to show that her life was really in danger.
- Toni says there was a lot of voice over that was cut in editing. Ron says overall they've been pulling back from voice over because it's not necessary. (OP NOTE: GOD BLESS)
- Toni loves thee part in the book where Louise helps Claire at Fontainebleu, and therefore found a way to still include Louise later in the ep on purpose.
- Toni says this is the only episode she's written while physically being in Scotland.
- Toni says the only note she got from Ron about her first draft was that the episode should bee "all about the baby".
- Fergus carrying blue flowers and the fact that they were blue was purposeful.
- Toni calls the scene where the servants are lined up as Claire returns was her "anti-Downton Abbey shot".
- Ron says he is so proud of the show in these deep emotional moments.
- There was a scene that was cut from 2x06 where Fergus is brushing Claire's hair, so this scene was written to be a call back to that.
- The first cut of this episode was 90 minutes and Starz originally was in agreement to air the full length. (OP Note: This is likely the cut that will be on the Blu-Ray per Maril.) Ron says that they eventually did cut it down a bit because he felt some of the beats were repetitive.
- Ron talks about it being tricky to decide how far they would go with the Fergus/BJR scene, they wanted to convey to the audience what happened and not show anything more than we needed to. Toni insists that it wasn't gratuitous and that it was necessary to show why Jamie was mad enough to break his promise to Claire.
- Toni talks about Claire seeing Fergus have nightmares about his experience with BJR, just as she saw Jamie have them.
- Toni says when Claire says, "just add it to the list of things I've already lost in Paris" is one of her favorite lines. That it really sums up the first half of the season.
- Toni and Ron agree that the King has always had a little crush on Claire since day one.
- Toni says she was shocked when she found out about Claire "sleeping with the King" because she had no context for that moment, so she was anxious the whole time reading DiA waiting to get to it.
- Toni says the King is bored so he invents games (and likes to manipulate others into playing them) and is interested in magic as a hobby.
- Ron says JGS was so excited to build the Star Chamber set and Ron told him to go for it.
- Toni says they argued about the logic in the Star Chamber scene in the writer's room and says that when reading the book you accept leaps a lot more than you do on television (OP Note: AND SOMETIMES NOT EVEN THEN.)
- Toni says they added Forez to the scene at the last minute because of the drama of having him and Raymond in the room with Claire and Claire sort of having to pretend she doesn't really know them, despite them saving her life at the top of the episode.
- Toni says Master Raymond knows that the King is not going to be satisfied until someone is dead (as part of his show), and that's why he puts the poison in the cup.
- Ron says he doesn't think the show quite sold why/how the King and St. Germain have been involved in magic/black arts all along.
- Toni loves that everyone in the scene, except the King, knows what's about to go down (the Comte drinking poison and dying).
- Toni says they hated to kill Stanley's character because everyone loved him on set.
- Stanley improvised the "suck the cock of the devil" line.
- Toni loves that the King just steps over the Comte's body like it's NBD.
- Toni says she wasn't sure if Ron would like the line from The Wizard of Oz. Apparently the studio didn't love it but Ron did keep it in.
- There was a bunch scripted about the King using rose oil to "prepare" Claire (as happened in the book) but they cut it and just went straight to the act.
- Toni says Cait improvised taking the orange at the end of the scene.
- Toni says it was Ron's idea to not show Jamie's face until later in the scene. Ron wanted the audience to be emotionally distant from him at first and still in Claire's PoV.
- "I don't even know if it was a boy or girl" was not the original opening line to the scene, but Toni loves that they landed on that.
- Toni and Ron talk about how a lot of dialogue was cut in favor of using the power of silence.
- In the first draft, the scene was more of a fight where they moved from room to room arguing. Toni threw that out and started over because she wanted it to be quieter and more intimate.
- Toni says she compares Claire in the first part of an episode to a wounded animal, who lashes out at anyone who comes near them. Toni wanted to expand on Claire's realization that they both share blame in the state of their relationship compared to the book.
- Both Ron and Toni love the moment with Louise at the hospital. Toni says she doesn't think Claire would have released the baby to any of the nuns because she'd been fighting them all day.
- Ron says the "ten fingers, ten toes" line is the most heartbreaking to him. He cries every time he watches the scene.
- Toni wanted to include Claire singing to the baby as a nod to Claire losing her own mother at age 5, and that it was the only thing/memory of her mother than she could pass down to her own child.
- Toni says the lost of a child either breaks you up or makes you stronger, and she wanted to show that the latter was happening for Jamie and Claire.
- Toni says Jamie because the heron from the start of the episode when he says, "let's carry it together".
- In the first draft Claire having slept with the king was a much bigger deal and they fought, but Ron pushed back and said "who cares if she did? They lost the baby". Toni realized he was right and said that moment was such a footnote compared to losing faith. Toni says this shows what kind of man Jamie is.
- This episode actually had a different ending (more scenes after the graveyard) which Toni says we'll see in 2x08.
- Toni says this episode is the favorite thing she's ever written in her whole career.

You can download the podcasts here.

Sorry, guys! 2x05 and 2x06 summaries will be up soon!
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