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Diana Confirms *THAT* Scene [Book Spoilers in Comments]

Below is just a selection of the interview Diana gave to yesterday (and honestly, I found her to be her usual unlikeable self), but I thought it was definitely of interest since we've all been wondering if they would include certain (*ahem*) parts in this adaptation.

It's under the cut because of spoilers from the latter half of Outlander (the book)!

"Ron called up and he said, “We’re so excited. We think we found Jamie! We’re sending you the audition tapes.” I was driving from Santa Fe to Phoenix at the time, so I couldn’t watch them right away, but I was Googling Sam Heughan and looking at his IMDb photos, and I thought, He looks grotesque! What are you thinking?! His IMDb photos do not do him any kind of justice. And also, he’s a very chameleonic actor. He looks totally different in every single role. But they sent me two audition scenes and a chemistry test, so I could see him in his own persona. So the first scene was when he has a confrontation with Dougal McKenzie, when Dougal shows off his scars at the tavern and he’s facing slightly away from the camera, so it was neck and shoulders, but a beautiful body! So I went, Ah ... He didn’t look at all like he did in his pictures. He had a light stubble, and he was rumpled, and I thought, He looks a lot better than I expected him to look! Then he turned full around into the camera, yelling his lines with crazy eyes, and I was sold. The second scene was where Jamie was explaining to Claire, very logically, why he was intending to beat her. And he just played it perfectly. He was in total control of himself, and it was such a nuanced performance — the annoyance, the impatience, the love, the humor. It was charming that he grasped all that nuance of that scene."


So, Book Fans, thoughts?
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