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Summary of Ron's Podcast for 2x09

- Neither Ron nor Matt can pronounce "je suis prest".
- They talk about having to literally pick their battles as far as which ones they would shoot due to budget/time constraints, and Prestonpans is what they settled on (i.e. not Falkirk, which is in the book as well).
- 2x09 and 2x10 were filmed at the same time and it just worked out that each episode was filmed chronologically, which is rare for them.
- The episode was filmed on a farm outside Crieff, which is actually name checked in the episode, another rarity.
- Matt says "now it's Outlander!" referencing the Highlanders being back.
- "We had a little bump in the road... the actor that played Willie, who we will not speak of, left us... so we had to find a way of finishing his story, so to speak." Ron: "That was not a happy time." Matt: "It wasn't." (OP Note: For the record, the actor said he had work commitments that prevented him from going back, but Ron/Matt make it seem like something more and they do not come off as joking.)
- They talked a lot about the dynamic between Dougal and Jamie, how much Dougal would push and how much Jamie would take.
- Matt acknowledges that they adjusted the timeline from the book, introducing Dougal earlier and putting the Lord Lovat (from 2x08) stuff earlier as well.
- Matt says this episode takes place in the late summer of 1745, and took a month of training before Prestonpans, which happens the day after the end of this episode.
- There were some VFX shots where additional tents or extras were added in the background of shots.
- Ron likes that they took the time to show why the Highlanders needed to learn to fight like the British (in straight lines, different formations). Matt talks about using the weapons they have, i.e. if you throw out a whole wall of guys shooting guns, you're more likely to hit something vs. one off shooters scattered about.
- Matt talks about telling Claire's PTSD story. In the writer's room, they decided they didn't want to show Claire preparing for Prestonpans (folding bandages, etc...) but instead show how WWII affected Claire, and how she feels about going to war. Ron talks about how that is more of a character story than prepping to care for the wounded.
- Matt also talks about that it's different to see men die vs. seeing men you love die, and how that might become important later in the show.
- Matt likes that Jamie tries to placate Dougal without putting him down. He knows he's overstepping, but he's drawing on what he learned from France as far as being diplomatic.
- Matt says he always wanted to throw in the nugget to show where Claire learned "Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ" (in the book it's from an American soldier, so Matt just answered the question of who it was exactly).
- Ron talks about how the books don't say where Claire served in WWII, so they writers didn't have to be limited by that. He says the reality is that if she joined up as early as did, she could have been in North Africa or Sicily, or a number of places. They settled on playing it that she's somewhere in France after D-Day, sometime in the summer of 1944.
- Ron thought of making it so she had served near/in the place in France she had said she was from to Colum as her cover story in 1x02 as a call back, but apparently it just didn't fit to call it out specifically in this episode/the British army weren't there in WWII.
- Matt talks about how couples who have been around each other for awhile, or "just get each other", know when something is off about the other person. Matt says Jamie is right that the upcoming war is bothering her, but he's wrong about which war she's upset about.
- "As all husbands know, well I'm not one, but as all husbands or boyfriends know, if a woman says she's fine, that's not the truth", says Matt. "And you should usually walk away", replies Ron.
- They talked about the movie Glory, Full Metal Jacket, and Band of Brothers as low key inspirations for the training sequences.
- Ron loves Sam during his St. Crispin's Day speech. He says we've seen him go from stable boy, to husband, to politician, and now leader of men. "Sam does a really great job with this", he says. Matt says Sam/Jamie draws them in with his sly sense of humor and then turns it on them, Matt loves this, "it doesn't hurt that he's wearing a bad ass leather jacket too."
- Matt says Ron told all the writers at the beginning, "the British army didn't rule over a lot of the world because they were dumb" i.e. there should be no, or few, stupid/buffoon-like characters.
- It was originally scripted that the Highlanders, led by Dougal, ran in naked as was historical accurate. They eventually had them just wearing their kilts.
- Ron says Sam and Graham play so well together. Matt agrees.
- Matt loves that Jamie calls Dougal out on pretending to be a soldier. Ron says Dougal looks at the British army as fops and silly and no match for fierce Highlanders, but Jamie has actually seen them in battle and knows the truth. Matt says Lord Thomas in 1x06 could have been foppish but there were little turns to make it so he wasn't.
- The conversation between Dougal and Claire about their agreement in the cave last season floated around the episode, and originally took place after the whipping scene, but...
- The later whipping scene was originally scripted and shot so that Dougal administered the whipping of Jamie, but it was cut and reshot.
- Matt says Dougal is an educated man and knows the story of Narcissus, and he wanted it to be clear that Dougal would understand that.
- Matt says he always imagined that Claire would have said to Jamie, "hey, btw... I had to make this bargain to get you out of Wentworth but you kno I would have never gone through with it" and that Jamie would have acknowledged and been like, "oh yeah, I understand!".
- Ron says he thinks the score on this episode is one of this best. Ron had mentioned the Red Army chorus in The Hunt for Red October and Bear was inspired by that.
- The trench foot idea came from Matt and his background as an EMT, and it being one of the biggest causes of soldiers having to be sent away from the front line.
- It was Ron's idea to do the flashes back between the WWII soldier and Angus.
- Matt says Jamie is concerned about what happens after each battle and Dougal is focused on the here and now.
- They had talked about showing Dougal go into the village and recruit/force the men to join the cause but it wasn't scripted.
- Matt says it's the heart of Jamie that he would never force someone to believe in something. It speaks to his strength of will (i.e. being flogged 200+ times without breaking down) and his acknowledgment of it being important to others.
- The scene with Dougal and the "recruits" and the LJG scene took place on an interior stage set with added trees to make it look like it was outside.
- Matt says the scene where Jamie orders someone to be flogged as punishment was not originally in the script, but they decided it was important to show so it was added. Ron chimes in that it shows a lot about the times they were living in and Jamie's perspective about his own floggings that he would order it be done to someone else. In Jamie's mind there are legitimate beatings and there are illegitimate beatings.
- Matt says when he's writing Jamie's characters he always thinks his actions are coming from a righteous place. He doesn't punish just to punish, he punishes in order to teach (from 1x09: "knowing it and understanding it are two different things").
- Matt says Jamie is very aware of Claire and her being "off". He says Claire is the most important thing to Jamie and he always knows where she is no matter what's going on.
- The scene of the tank blowing up was a practical effect and they actually blew it up.
- Ron loves the story of Claire not being able to leave the ditch, knowing the guy will die if she doesn't but knowing she will die if she does. Matt says it's important to remember that Claire is 19-20 years old here (OP: wait, what? If it's 1944 and she goes back in 1948 she would be 23, right? But still, point taken.).
- In the writers room they talked about having Claire start to go back to Lallybroch and then go back to the men but that was abandoned. (OP: Thank God.) They talked about how this idea didn't work because the dramatic high point and focus should be on Claire and Jamie's conversation. Her starting to go back to Lallybroch wouldn't have accomplished anything dramatically, and she would have just come back to where she started.
- Episode 9 was always going to have the introduction of Lord John Grey.
- Matt says because of the story of Claire going through PTSD this episode, there's no way this scene could have been like the book where it's Jamie's idea to fake ravish Claire without her knowing about it beforehand. That's why it's Claire's idea. Matt loves that Jamie "really plays it" and Ron loves the interplay between Claire and Jamie where they are continually taking it the next level.
- Matt's favorite line of the season is when Claire calls Jamie a "pig".
- Ron says it sort of echoes 2x08 where Claire pretends to have a vision.
- Matt says Claire didn't "consent to having him really go all out" with the fake ravishing, so that's why she kicks him in the balls, echoing 1x09. OP: I didn't get this at all in the scene and I'm glad I didn't.
- Matt says Jamie is a modern thinker, but he also loves when Jamie is played as a man of his time, i.e. that he would have killed LJG had he been lying to Jamie. Matt again talks about how your word is so important.
- They wanted Jamie's punishment to come off like he was taking it on behalf of Dougal, like he took Laoghaire's in 1x02.
- The raid was shot during pick ups. It was in the original script but then cut, but then they realized they did really need it.
- Matt says taking the pins out of the wheels calls back to 2x04 where the pins are taken out of the carriage in Paris.
- Matt loves how proud Jamie is of himself and his men after the raid as he's talking to Claire.
- Matt says as much as Jamie wants to have sex here, he's cognizant that he just did this thing to the British and that they should probably leave. OP Note: WHHYYYYYYYYYYY
- Matt says Jamie is a true leader, he doesn't need all the credit. It's why he lets Dougal go forward and announce them to BPC.

You can download the podcasts here.
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