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Cait on Sirius XM's EW Live! [Spoilers in Comments]

- Plugs the Outlander Artistry event and exhibit at Paley
- Says everyone was very excited to be back shooting Scotland scenes, that it was like they were "shooting our old show again".
- It was "exciting" and "challenging" to step into a new world (France).
- Cait enjoyed how we've gotten to know Claire a lot more this season, aided by her interactions with friends (Louise, Mary, Master Raymond, etc...). She also liked having more women on set.
- Cait compliments Claire Sermonne's comic timing in her scenes as Louise. Cites the honeypot waxing as a particular scene where they were all cracking up.
- A caller asks about Season 3 and if Cait is excited to play it. It sounds like Cait has read Book 3, and she says [Book 3]there is the "Frank stuff" but she's excited to "get back to the reunion with Jamie... they have to get to know each other again, they are very different people [after so many years]. It'll be falling in love all over again."
- Cait says filming the WWII stuff in 1x09 was a bit difficult because she hadn't played Claire at that age in awhile, and she wanted Claire to be more innocent and naive.
- Cait felt very strongly (as did Matt) that the events of Paris had a lasting effect on Claire, and so even though she healed quite a bit in Lallybroch, that she is a "much rawer woman and that the impending war weighs heavily on her" - thus the PTSD storyline in 1x09. It was a "Great way to see the inner workings of Claire... and the knowledge that [Jamie] is never going to leave her, helps her deal with that PTSD."
- Cait says the Faith episode was "written beautifully by Toni" and that she was looking forward to playing it "in a perverse actor's way", as it is such a defining moment in Claire's life.
- She became very aware that they were filming in a Cathedral (in place of a hospital) and that thousands of women over the centuries had likely come there looking for solace and comfort for "similar reasons" and she was very aware of the "energy that was left in the bones of the building".
- Cait calls Frances de La Tour a "legend of film, tv and theater" and how she was so excited to be in scenes with her. During breaks Cait would pick her brain for stories.
- Cait says she is one of those "annoying people" that if there is an animal around she wants its attention but Bouton/Scamp only had eyes for his trainer.
- [Finale/Book 3 spoilers]Cait finds playing a mother to an almost grown woman an interesting challenge. Says they will "obviously not do crazy aging make up or prosthetics". Cait says it's more like "how does time and experience weigh on a person, and how that changes how you carry yourself or speak..." She talks about watching films starring Meryl Streep or Charlotte Rampling when they were younger and then watching one with them now, and what are the subtle differences between them in their 30s vs 60's, 70's... Cait is very excited.
- Cait says Romann is a fantastic actor and a sweet kid. She says herself and Sam have the same mental age as Romann as far as their humor, so the three of them got along very well.
- Cait describes having dinner with Ron and Sam at the end of Season 1 where Ron asked them about where they wanted their characters to go. Sam said specifically that he wants/wanted to play the "long game" with Jamie in regards to healing after BJR and then growing into the man he's going to become.
- "Everyone jokes that Jamie is the King of Men and all of that, and he is, but you... want to see an arc and a journey and play vulnerabilities as well as the strengths". She says watching Jamie at the send of Season 2 is really "beautiful".
- "Sam is so talented, and I love when people recognize his talents because I think he really deserves it."
- Cait says sometimes the actors do say, "what? we're not going to do that bit? I love that bit!" when it comes to losing aspects from the books. That said, she acknowledges it could never be a literal translation and that they try to give the show the essence of the books and surprise the audience at the same time. She hopes people enjoy the result.
- Cait says it's a bit of a struggle to be in the UK and live tweet an ep, so that's why last week was the first time she's done it this season.
- Cait is very complimentary of Stephen Walters (Angus) and says she loved the fan reaction during the episode.
- Cait says she wears very little to no make up on the show, other than covering a blemish or two. Most of her prep time is spent on her hair.

Note: There are spoilers in the comments of this post.
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