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Ron Moore Fan Meet Up Summary

Yesterday Ron invited fans to meet up with him at the Giants stadium in SF before the game (Sassies may remember that ama_blue did this last year and was the only one there!). A ton of people showed up, and here's the summary (taken from tumblr.

"I got permission to share this from the RM meetup
Ok here is the skinny on my meeting with Ron Moore yesterday!!
Let me start my saying he is so nice and so open about what has happen and what going to happen. Plus he gave us all drinks big plus LOL.

Season 3: filming will start late August/early September. Terry is in Scotland already working on costumes, Matt is out looking at locations and Ron will be back in Scotland in about a month. 10 of the 13 scripts are done. Casting has not started yet. Romann will still play the teen Fergus, but they will cast new person for adult Fergus. Ron said Romann is older then the part he was playing this season, so making him look older won’t be hard. People were giving suggestion on who they would like to see as LJG & Fergus, Ron just nodded and smiled. Haha.

S3 will air in the spring but not sure when the date hasn’t been set yet. Said that Starz is really flexible with them that if they need more than 13 shows or make it longer than an hour they can have it. That was really good to hear. My question- Do you think Diana would write another script? He said he had lunch with her last week and she didn’t say anything about wanting to and that she is really busy with book 9 and it’s looking like it coming along faster then in the past. WOOOHOOO

Seasons 2 - was asked why in last nights episode why did BJR beat Alex? (I did not ask this even though i have said I didn’t like that part) it was out of anger and sadness. Costumes on tour? This is a big maybe there has been a lot of talk about doing that so it might be coming to a city near you. 😄.

Stories - Ron told us how Terry got into costume design and it was by accident. A friend of hers worked for this small film company in Berkeley CA (this where Terry grew up) she was in art school at the time and need money her friend need someone to transport the film reals to San Francisco airport he asked Terry to do it. Some months later the costumes designer quit and her friend said “hey Terry you want to be our costume designer” and that’s where it all started.
His favorite dish Terry makes, it’s her buttermilk fried chicken, with her potato salad on the side. He said it’s amazing and she only makes it once a year for his birthday (July 5th so you all know). He’s 2nd favorite is her bolognese says it’s wonderful.

They just bought an new house here in the Oakland hills (which is a beautiful area). Terry calls it the tree house because there backyard slope down and the trees at the bottom of the slope are growing up and when you look out the windows it looks like you are in the trees.

So Ron grew up in Chowchilla Ca and for those of you who remember the 1976 Chowchilla school bus kidnapping of 26 students and the bus driver, well Ron’s uncle was the bus driver. 😳. Terry grew up in Berkeley Ca (my neck of the woods) this is why they bought the house in the Oakland hills Berkeley is right next to it.

Also, as for filming in the US may not happen for a couple of reasons. 1 the taxes here are way to high😕. 2 they have built this production company in Scotland and has so many people employed there and he wouldn’t want to start over in building that again. 3 Scotland gives them a huge tax break which is good. As for the Brexit he doesn’t believe that it will effect them but you don’t know what will happen in the next 2 to 3 years. (That to me sounds like season 5 haha).

NC location they will most likely use locations in Eastern Europe.
Kevin Costners show the Hatfields and Mccoys were filmed in that area so we know it looks like that part of the US."
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