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Outlander season 3 EW Cover! *UPDATED*

Look who's on the cover of the newest EW magazine!

Here's a video of Lynette Rice talking a bit about what to expect from the article. Warning! There are spoilery images of season 3 and a bit of discussion about season 3/Voyager plot lines. Do not watch the video if you want to remain totally unspoiled.

There's also a short write-up accompanying the video, with a minor potential spoiler, that mentions there'll be an interview with Maril on "Outlander Live!" on EW Radio (Sirius XM 105), October 3rd at 2 PM ET if you're so inclined to listen. They'll be taking calls and giving away an Outlander Season 2 Collector's Edition DVD set. Also, Diana Gabaldon will be at EW PopFest talking about Outlander on October 30th.

*UPDATED* Scans of the article, from SamCaitLife, available under the cut - for spoilers and image size.
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Tags: droughtlander, promo, sam heughan, season 3, tartan bae, there was an attempt, this usually isn't my job
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