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Outlander Flashback Monday #3!

11/19 UPDATE: TCA Winter Panel photos from January 10 + part of the Q&A!
11/18 UPDATE: Added a whole bunch of things, thanks to fenchurchly and di_elle for helping me out! And there's probably MOAR to come!

Previously on Outlander Flashback Monday: Filming kicked off in the Highlands, as did some adorable Twitter banter between the King of Men and his Sassenach! They endured the cold, the late night shoots, and the mud to bring us a high-quality epic adventure love story of a thousand feels! By early December the cast took a break for the Holidays, with the hot anticipation of Sam and Caitriona's first Fan Gathering!
This week's Flashback contains a lot of material familiar to everyone—but always worth a recap! To start off 2014, remember that time Sam and Cait wished each other a Happy New Year and it was adorable? It happened!

Caitriona runs a 10K for cancer research and even looks amazing even after physical exertion:

Bless this woman!

January 6—Sam and Cait prepare for their first Fan Gathering!!!

Don't you just love them?!

January 7—I think we're all familiar with LA Sam!

“No filter. Love CA!”

“Selfie whilst cycling! Difficult...”

Caitriona's dislike for Maril’s taste in music becomes an ongoing joke:

January 9—Gigantic grapes remind Cait of Sam :)

LMAO, these two adorable people!

January 10—HERSELF meets Sam and Caitriona and is verra impressed (obviously)!
Diana and Sam:

The beginning of a beautiful obsession with his ass relationship.
Diana and Cait:

Diana, Cait, and Sam:

Diana writes about the meeting on Facebook:
“Yes, I have met Sam. And Caitriona. Sam and I were assigned to share a car from the hotel to the Starz dinner last night, and I’d gone outside to see if either car or gent was there–neither was, so I was headed back toward the lobby when I saw him coming out.
“Well, there’s a familiar face,” I said, he said, “Diana!” and we embraced under the hanging Chihuly glass sculptures overhead. “Tell you what,” I said. “I won’t tell anyone what you smell like, if you don’t tell anyone what I smell like.” (a few of the more intense fans having asked me to report.) This being agreed, we found our car and went off to dinner, chatting amiably en route.
Caitriona arrived at the dinner a few minutes after we did, and an adroit Starz publicist photographed the actual meeting–in which I appear to be engulfing her in my cape ala Dracula. Absolutely lovely, and very witty. (Cait, I mean.)
[For those of you thinking Sam is not tall...I'm wearing three inch heels, here. Caitriona's wearing _four_ inch heels.]
Anyway, had a lovely evening with all of the Starz people, who included a number of great execs and Very Capable publicists, as well as directors and actors from “Black Sails” and “Da Vinci’s Demons,” two other Starz original series being featured at this weekend’s TCA (Television Critics Association) event.”
Winter TCA Panel

In this one, Caitriona's obviously saying, "Enorme!" to describe Sam.

Hahaha, just kidding! They hadn't filmed a love scene at this point.
Full transcript:, some highlights:
Does it take a while to get used to acting in a kilt?
Sam: Yes, the kilt, as you can see [Sam was wearing a kilt for the panel], is a big bit of material. These are obviously modern kilts, but in the show we use the feileadh mhor (philamore), which is the traditional kilt. It's a long bit of cloth. I can't remember the actual size of the traditional ones, but ours are about seven or eight-foot long, and they are basically used as a tool. The Highlanders would wear them to obviously keep themselves warm. You could use is it as a sleeping bag. You could use it as camouflage to blend into the background. They had sort of a variety of uses. They also had lots of pockets and you could wear them in different ways. So, yeah, it took a long time to get used to it, but it's a real joy to work with it, and you can find various uses. I mean, we even discovered you can use it as a shield -- you can wrap around your arm. Ron could probably tell you more, but Terry really sourced all the materials as well. She went back to the beginnings. All the colors you see are taken from the environment, so natural herbs or berries.
Caitriona, does it feel fun to be the only person on the panel who gets to wear slacks?
Caitriona: I know. Well, we all know who wears the pants in this relationship.
Has this been dream for you so far becoming part of this fandom and the fan reaction to your casting?
Caitriona: Well, first of all, it's been really exciting. I mean, the fans have been incredibly supportive and really welcoming. I don't think I was aware of the magnitude of the fans and how enthusiastic they were, but it's like a dream role. It's a dream job. So it's been only good so far. I think it will continue to be, and I don't think there's nothing that really changes you. It's just you are finally getting to do the thing that you've always wanted to do and love to do, so just happier maybe.
Sam: It feels like we're at the start of a real rewarding journey as well. I mean, Diana has wonderful books. There's a whole wealth of background and information and stories and adventures there, and it really feels like we were just talking about this earlier. We've filmed four episodes so far, and we feel we're right on the edge of this roller coaster, and it's just been a thrill to be part of it.
What is it that has caused this insanity?
Diana: Well, I'm tempted to point at Sam, but, no, it's not that. Not entirely. Yeah, it's Jamie rather than Sam, as interpreted.
But, no, what it is is that they have been dying for years and years and years to see this story in a visual form. It is a very visual story. It's written very descriptively. You can see in your mind's eye what's happening as you read, but this is not quite the same thing as seeing it physically. They have been dying to do that, and now at least it's happening, and they are overjoyed.
Question: And so it's this romantic male character that's the main thing?
Diana: He's, I guess, sort of the focus you might say. It's the entire story. They love Claire. They identify with Claire. They want to be Claire. They sort of want to lick him.
Ron: As do we all.
Caitriona: We do.

January 11—Outlander Fan Gathering in LA’s Orpheum Theatre!

Beautiful, gorgeous couple:

Access Hollywood interview... Caitriona is adorably nervous:

Gorgeous gifs courtesy of chapmangrl:

Perfect woman, perfect Claire:

Sam’s excited for Jamie to get a little lovin’:

I can't believe I originally forgot to include this cuteness:

Full Fan Gathering video:

January 12—Caitriona looks drop-dead gorgeous at the InStyle Golden Globes party:

January 14:

Heading to NYC!

January 16:
"Starz fishy lunch... Yum"

January 17:

"@heughan There appears to be an egg on your straw.... #tfif #workisdone"

January 18:
"So many parks! Love NY!"

"#regram what I did today..... @marieclairemag Thank you x"

January 23—Caitriona’s loving a break in LA:

January 25—Proof that Sam is able to leave LA:
"Ben Wyvis!!"

January 26:
"Last morning together for another 240 sleeps ... Will miss her so much. #eddielove #mygirl"

January 27:
Clan Fraser :(

January 28—Sam and Cait back on set, battling for a horse’s affections.

February 2—Ireland beat Scotland and Sam’s not too happy about it!

My college roommate did this once as well... LMAO, oh Sam.
"Lesson if the day: Don't put washing up liquid in your dishwasher."

February 6:

"Back at work.... #goodmorning #outlander"

February 14—Exchange with Richard Clark:

February 17:
"Snowdrops !!! #springiscoming #happymonday"

February 19—Caitriona gets to sleep in for once!

February 25—Richard Clark tweets about a tough scene which is probably [Spoiler (click to open)]the much-discussed and infamous spanking scene:

February 26:
"New shirt, late workout!"

February 27—Cait can get behind one of Maril’s tunes:

March 1:

March 2—Like any good bigamist, Caitriona enjoys some quality time with her two husbands!

March 3—Cait sits on a hot water bottle between takes :)

March 6:
Scotland #springsummerfallwinter

March 7—Sam tweets a poem :)

Thumpity Thump Thump:

Please thump him now, Caitriona, because I'm convinced I'm understanding this euphemism correctly. Brown chicken brown cow!

Oh, you really are just talking about pineapple!

It's Tobias' BIRTHDAY!! I bet they got drunk and had quiche!

March 8:
Sam's probably hungover :)

"Allez Scotland"

March 9:

March 11:

March 12:

March 13:

March 14—Maril and Cait are excited by the concept of Pi Day:

March 16

March 17—Our Irish Queen and the rest of the Outlander crew celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

March 21—Samtics on set!

March 22—A Walk to Remember: Sam gets nostalgically sweet! What do you think happened this day? Shooting the Wedding? Wedding night filming?

Sigh! these two!

March 26:
"Night shoots .... #brrrrrrr"

March 31:
“If only umbrellas existed in the 18th century. #STARZ #OutlanderSeries

April 1-2—Maril and Caitriona are disturbed by catering’s lack of Banoffe pie:

April 4:
“Applying a little 18th century to @CaitrionaBalfe. #OutlanderSeries #STARZ #OutlanderMakeup

She's ridiculously beautiful!
April 5:

"Location, location, location ..."

"Oh just some place I was this week.... #scotland"

"This place was ugly too...#scotland"

April 7:
“Sam and Caitriona getting the lay of the land. #OutlanderSeries #STARZ

April 11:
“Mr. McTavish (Dougal MacKenzie) making it look easy. #HuntingRifle #OutlanderSeries #STARZ

"National sibling day. Here's to my wee bro ... Eggs and cake...???? #nationalsiblingday @francisbalfe"

April 12—Maril taunts Cait with her favorite sushi place, Sugarfish:

April 19:
The cast breaks for Easter, and Caitriona heads out on a Scottish road trip with her BFF:

She's otherworldly gorgeous!
"Costa Del Kelvin"

April 20:

Continue checking back throughout the week, I'll be adding more Outlander fun, including tweets from the Gathering, Ginger Jasper, and Matt B. Roberts. I'll update at the top—Hope you enjoyed this week's Flashback post!

Next week:

Excuse me while I think about Sam removing his kilt...

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