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Sassy Craft-Along

✂️🎨 Welcome to the first ever sassy craft-along! 🎨✂️

How it works is simple. Choose a craft that fits the craft-along's theme, and make it! Come here to bounce ideas off other sassies, ask advice, talk about your project, share pictures. Whatever you like! There really are no rules. Just have fun and interact with other crafting sassenachs while we try to get through this never-ending Droughtlander.


The theme of this craft-along is:
Gift-giving, Fraser style!

Jamie and Claire are seldom in the position to give each other store-bought presents, for a variety of reasons. Instead, they tend to rely on things they can make themselves or sharing things they already had. So let's make some presents* out of things we already have! Utilize any supplies you might already have - paper, paints, ribbons, beads, and try to keep brand new purchases to a minimum.

Just a few ideas of things you could do...
-mason jar candle holders, decorated with glitter or paint
-reclaim yarn from an old sweater and knit up a new hat or scarf
-turn old tee shirts into cute tote bags, a quilt, or a rag rug
-or go even bigger and repurpose furniture! It's amazing the things you can do with old tables

The sky's the limit, sassenachs. So...start brainstorming, hit up Pinterest, and let's make some stuff!

*Obviously whatever you make doesn't have to be for a gift. I just figured with holidays approaching, people might want to consider things that could be presents.
Tags: craftlander, droughtlander
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