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Hey Sassies.
During droughtlander, I thought we could have an in-depth discussion about time travel in the series!
Things like mechanics, paradoxes, how it relates to the magic in the series, and get PHYSICAL (metaphysical, that is).
If the mods would prefer this to be in a FFA, please let me know and I will move it there.

1. I always thought the whole time travel element of the series was fascinating, but there isn't a lot of scientific exploration of these themes besides Roger's book on time travel (which we haven't seen much of aside from it being a poorly written manual). It also isn't building much more off of Geillis' gemstone witchcraft with ley lines and old rocks. I thought DG would have done more research into this area, or at least expand upon the mechanics a little better. But so far it's "have a gemstone and think real hard". Do any of you have theories or explanations that help it make sense to you in a more concrete manner (as in, less hand-waving and more logic)?

2. Which begs the question, why was Claire transported to the time she was in the first place? Maybe this has been answered already on Compuserve or something. Educate me/us!

3. The entirety of Book/Season 2 was Claire trying to figure out if you can change history (she didn't) but then later Brianna kind of did when they changed the date of the house fire (because she remembered a different date than what was printed in the newspaper)? Do you think this was a conscious choice of DG to showcase mechanics or explore a different theme? Or was it just a mistake?

4. I feel like there are time paradoxes that not many people are addressing either. Like the one that would be created if Claire kills BJR. Would that cause a domino effect, as it would prevent her from even visiting Scotland in the first place (Claire visited Scotland on her honeymoon, which she wouldn't have done if she didn't marry Frank, who probably wouldn't exist if Mary Hawkins wasn't provided for by BJR. Even though BJR was Not The Father, we could speculate Mary's baby might not have done as well if she was forced to provide for it on her own). Thoughts?

5. But if you were Claire and you had the chance, would you kill BJR (knowing or not knowing about time paradoxes)? I was always struck by how ridiculous it was that no one killed BJR when he was knocked out in Book 1 by Jaime after he rescues Claire from that prison (forgot the name, I am such a good fan). Would you maim him? Even if you have the forethought or restraint to not kill him, blinding him would certainly make things easier on your escape and subsequent survival if he can't identify you easily or is kicked out of the army (and has fewer resources to track you).

6. Then there is that whole thing with the Fraser family conspiracy with people traveling through time and kidnapping toddlers (Jem? Season 3 cannot come soon enough, I have forgotten everything)... And DG kinda lost me at that point because it wasn't really answering any questions, so much as broadening the general scope and mythology of the series even more. Does anyone really understand it well enough to explain?

7. And then, you have Master Raymond! Who on DG's website she says she is developing a book for, as he was a prehistoric time-traveller. Meaning, he travelled forwards, not back. What is up with that!?

8. She also said there are warriors and healers and they glow different colors. And it is not only hereditary but correlates to time travel as the Comte in Virgins sought out people with auras to have kids with. What do you think the aura is and how does it affect time travel?

9. Why do you think DG made it so that, at the moment, Jaime cannot time travel? Do you think his premonitory dreams are indications of future abilities?

10. Why are time travel dates important?

11. Do all time periods exist simultaneously? And on a related note, are people ever really dead/do they really die if you can just time travel back to when they were alive?

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