mandersonmsp (mandersonmsp) wrote in ontd_sassenach,

Matt B. Roberts Outlander Compilation - Part 1

So, while compiling tweets and Instagram photos for my weekly flashback posts, I've found that writer/director/producer Matt B. Roberts posted so much from his time in Scotland and on set while filming the first season, I always missed stuff. I thought it could warrant it's own post. In fact, he started out with Photo of the Day, meaning there are so many photos it inevitably has to be broken into multiple posts because it maxes out the LJ character limit. So that's what this is... Part 1 of my Matt B. Roberts Outlander Compilation. This post is basically Scotland porn. I completely understand this is overkill... but it's also just some pretty pictures :) So please enjoy without my commentary... more to come!

Tags: behind the scenes, flashback, matt b. roberts
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