booklovinggal (booklovinggal) wrote in ontd_sassenach,

🚨TWO Variations of a Season 3 Trailer! *SPOILERS*🚨

In a somewhat shocking move, ahead of SDCC Outlander has dropped TWO slightly different season 3 trailers. Obviously they are spoilerific, so you've been warned.
UPDATED: Should you want it, this is the Youtube version that is available in 1080p for better definition! Just be sure adjust the video quality in the settings.

No need to use spoiler cuts in any comments, as the entire post has been flagged for spoilers. ☺
Tags: best week ever, brianna ellen randall fraser, claire beauchamp randall fraser, frank randall, fuck bitch i cried so hard, instagram, it's been 84 years, james alexander malcolm mackenzie fraser, joe abernathy, leave me here to die, lord john grey, promo, roger mackenzie, season 3, sneak peek, spoilers, starz pr impact, twitter, voyager
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