Lady Vodka (carminaburana) wrote in ontd_sassenach,
Lady Vodka

Craftlander/ONTD Sasseknits post - what projects are y'all working on?

I'm still on leave from work, so it's been knitpalooza here. I'm working on this cowl:

Which is sort of a take on this:

Image source

I just did a simple seed stitch in the round, sans pattern. I am having a hard time finding more skeins of this yarn though, so it might not end up being very wide.

Next up will be mitts/wrist-warmers, though I am still searching for the right pattern. Been considering this or this

Post your projects and/or craft/knitting questions!
Tags: costumes, craftlander, hiatus of our discontent, sasseknits, welcome
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