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🚨Outlander Premiere and Renewal News🚨

🚨Extra, extra! There is NEWS!🚨

Okay, Sassenachs, grab onto something solid (like Jamie's pecs) because we got a lot of news today.

First up....the season 4 premiere has been announced for Novemeber (specific day/date still TBA). That seems really far off considering they've finished 5 blocks already and are on track to wrap next month, but Starz is also upping their original programming game. This could be a Starz strategy to spread out their shows so there's a new original (almost) every month.

Second, the season 5 renewal has finally been sealed. It will be a 12 episode season, and will cover The Fiery Cross novel. Yay!!

Oops...nearly forgot. It's a DOUBLE RENEWAL announcement! We're getting season 6, as well!! *flails* It will also be a 12 episode season covering A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

It really is, Murtagh!

Oh, and we got some pictures! Non-spoilerly, unless you think costumes are spoilers. *waves to TD*

Marrit babies are so marrit. 😍

Season 4: Wagons, wagons, wagons!

They failed their chemistry exam. Sorry.


So...what are you sassenachs thinking? Are you excited, surprised, totally over it? Discuss!! Just please remember, if you discuss actual plot points we've not seen on screen yet, please use a spoiler cut!

[Spoiler (click to open)]
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