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Casting Speculation - Spoiler for Season TWO

Few minutes ago, one of the actors we named the past casting speculation post, posted this.

[Spoiler For Season 2]Spoiler for season 2

the convo linked above is this:

Casting rumors are buzzing that Kevin Ryan (of BBC America’s Copper) has been cast as our dear Roger Mac. He recently posted on twitter of an announcement that he’d soon be making and Outlander is following him there. Having watched him in Copper, the man can sing and has a great range of emotion in his acting. Fingers crossed this is our Roger!

Why do we assume he is cast as Roger? Maybe Prince Charlie? I don’t like him for Roger. Too short and he is not as handsome with short hair. Check out google images of him without the long hair.

Well it’s only mere speculation at this point but Prince Charles isn’t a bad guess at all. Most everyone though, where I have read are saying Roger.


He didn't answered - so far - to fans asking him if is a confirmation

knowing from the vimeo audition vid that the potential Briannas have a scene with Roger and one with Jamie, I'd say it's Roger.

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