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Outlander Flashback Monday #6!

Previously on Outlander Flashback Monday: The gang takes on Comic-Con and the Tartan Carpet for the World Premiere of Outlander! This week they head to New York for a screening and Q&A... then later, Outlander official premieres! Check back for more updates in the next couple of days, I need to add more from the screening, I’ll add this this button to indicate what’s new: :-) Please see a separate post for Scotch Talk because it was too long to include in this post!

July 27

Maril and Graham drink some whiskey with Pocket Jamie

July 28—New York Screening/Q&A
Umbrellas would have been handy in 1743 Scotland. #OutlanderSeries #STARZ

Sam takes over Starz Instagram again...
En route to NY premiere! This cab is Full! 


Full Q&A here:

GIFs—thanks again chapmangrl!

July 29

LOL, awww Sam!

July 30-31

Arse like the back of a bus eh..???? @samheughan#NY #concretejunglewheredreamsaremadeof #outlander


Fucking cuteness.

Sam hits Broadway...

August 1
A long day's work calls for some champagne #OutlanderSeries #STARZ

Good morning NYC #lastday

August 2
Plugging the bread and butter ;)

August 3

Commonwealth games Road race past my house!

Team Scotland!! (From my living room)

Awww...Cait with her fans...

August 4

Maril’s a big Ducks fan...

I’ll give this girl some crow...


Bye bye Eddie...

August 5
#WishYouWereHere #OutlanderSeries #STARZ
Me too...

Combative convo about Scottish Independence... but Sam stands up...

Back to Outlander...

August 7


August 8
Next stop: Craigh na Dun. #OutlanderSeries #STARZ


THIS picture of Jamie Fraser will tide you over until 9p. #OutlanderSeries #STARZ

August 10—Sam listens to the Outlander Podcast

August 11
Hey Girl is out- Hey Lassie is in. #ManCrushMonday #MCM #OutlanderSeries #STARZ

I’m cackling!

August 12
Tobias Menzies looks good on a horse, aye? #OutlanderSeries #STARZ

O captain, my captain... Such sad news... Rest in Peace you wonderful man. #robinwilliams

Awww... last day with Sleepy?!

August 13
Hard to argue our choice for #WCW! #WomanCrushWednesday #OutlanderSeries #STARZ

August 14—Herself is back on the NYT list

August 15—Outlander renewed, Sam has a Q&A!
We have a verra exciting announcement for you - #OutlanderSeries is renewed for a second season, based on Diana Gabaldon's bestselling novel, Dragonfly Amber. Tag your clan in the comments to spread the word! #STARZ

A behind the scenes look at @samheughan in one of the most important scenes from tomorrow night's episode. #OutlanderSeries #STARZ

Wrapping Graham :(


Sam’s Q&A
Sam’s held up on set!

Full Q&A here (may be some spoilers...)

MTE. Except it’s Monday.

August 16—Episode 2, Castle Leoch
So much UST!!
Things get steamy tonight. We're sure you won't mind. 9p ET/PT on #STARZ. #OutlanderSeries #OutlanderDay @caitrionabalfe @samheughan

By the sea... #nofilter #scotland

Fan comments here if anyone’s interested:
August 17
Exciting! Poll card arrived!

August 18
Hi di_elle!

Next time on Outlander Flashback Monday...

More of the first half of the first season of Outlander! Anything I missed or that ya’ll want to see here? Let me know!

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