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MOD POST: Posting

It has come to the attention of myself and (mostly) fenchurchly that you sassenachs have been basically living in FFA posts instead of posting new content, which reflects poorly on the community.

Just to clarify:

Content that needs its own post: Spoilers, trailers, cast interviews, producer interviews, AMAs*, promo photos, publicity events, etc.

FFA: Non-Show info about non-major details of the cast's personal life**, social media arguments among fans, fan art, fan fiction recs (outside of actual posts), gif spams, any off-topic discussions, etc.

Book Discussions: Discussion posts exist for a reason.

If you learn of an AMA in advance: make a post announcing when it is occurring and on what website.
During/After the AMA: post screen caps of the AMA <u>highlights.</u>

**Personal Lives of Cast
Do we care about 98% of what Sam may or may not be doing with Amy Shiels, Cody Kennedy or whatever other non-Cait females dare risk your wrath by being photographed with him? Not really, keep it in the FFAs.

If Sam gets engaged/married/has a baby/whatever, that's worth a post.

Same basic concept applies to Cait, Tobias, and the rest of the cast + whomever they may or may not be banging.

Now, some of you may be saying "but homicidalslayer, the show is in hiatus. What you've listed under 'FFA' is 90% of what's available right now." No kidding, which makes it that much more important for new posts to be made when worthy content becomes available. We need to get into the habit of keeping this place humming during the hiatus/off-season in order for it to be really booming when the show is back on. We mods are doing our best to promote the community elsewhere, but we need your help to make the prospect of joining appealing.

Some of you are very, very new to Livejournal and as such might find the prospect of making a post somewhat daunting. Have no fear, I will be posting some basic formatting/coding guidelines and resources shortly. You're also always welcome to message me directly about how to do something, and I'll get back to you with an answer as soon as I can.

[For those of you alleging &apos;Excuse me, I have a life outside of this community.&apos;]
2. We're not asking for anything major. If you can't personally make a post, you can message a mod/ask someone else. There are definitely users on here who would happily take the bragging rights.

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