Starshadow (arielstarshadow) wrote in ontd_sassenach,

My Peak Challenge


Welp... I think this is the grand unveiling?  And those of us guessing Sam's charity was involved were right:

(Otherwise known as "The Bear Strength Riddle that Never Ended")

I think we're at the point where we can create an official post-of-its-own for this. I'll update as more info shows up.

We have an official Facebook community:
And now an official Twitter account:

Both of the above posted a single update about 5/6 hours ago, that just has the shiny new hastag: #MyPeak#Challenge

And of course, we have Sam's cute little video:

Untitled 1 (made with Videoshop) from Sam Heughan on Vimeo.

Aww, man! I created new tags for this and everything. Can a modly person maybe add them? New tags: my peak challenge, burpees till we puke, nobody said we'd have to exercise

ETA December 24, 2014:

*sighs* *twiddles thumbs*

Tags: burpees till we puke, my peak challenge, nobody said we'd have to exercise, sam heughan, serious tag is serious, this usually isn't my job
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