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Matt B. Roberts Outlander Compilation - Part 2

This is Part 2 of the Matt B. Roberts Outlander Compilation, containing all of writer/director/producer Matt B. Roberts' Photo of the Day tweets (which eventually switched to Photos of the Week) from his time in Scotland and on set during the filming of Season 1. ICYMI, check out Part 1 of the Matt B. Roberts Outlander Compilation. Basically, this is Scotland scenery porn—just a bunch of pretty pictures :) up until June 1, 2014—and he also does something different for JAMMF's birthday on May 1. Any of you Sassenachs really into photography and/or take any good photos lately?

Rewrite, eh?

Birthday shout-out to Sam ;)

Special POTD for Jamie’s Birthday

Here are a handful:

Because this is a puppy named Jamie!

OK, back to Matt shots ;)

Tags: behind the scenes, flashback, matt b. roberts
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