the waitress at milliways (fenchurchly) wrote in ontd_sassenach,
the waitress at milliways

3 Months (90 Days) Until 4/4/2015 + Season 1A Re-Watch Info!

In anticipation of the mid-season premiere on April 4, we'll be doing a Season 1A re-watch starting with Episode 1 on Saturday, February 7. There will be a live discussion post (and post-episode discussion for those not joining us live) each week just like we did for the first airing. Streams will be provided. Since this community didn't start until Episode 6, and we've had so many join us since the season ended, we thought it would be fun to revisit the episodes we didn't see together and discuss!

With that said, while Starz airs new episodes at 9p ET, this is a bit prohibitive for those outside the US. If you are interested in joining us for the re-watch, please leave a comment in this post and include your time zone and preferred window (e.g. 6-11p ET). We'll try to pick a time that can accommodate as many people as possible :).

And, ICYMI, some new footage of 1B has been released in the last 24 hours! You can find those posts here and here.

firebunny, you are amazing!

Previous countdown posts: 4 Months, 5 Months, 6 Months.
Tags: hiatus of our discontent, re-watch, season 1b
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