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Outlander Flashback Monday #8!

Well folks, after eight fun weeks, we've arrived at the Outlander Flashback Finale post! And just in time for us to start getting some brand new Outlander goodness—Hopefully! You can relive the previous Flashback posts here: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, Scotch Talk, and #7.
This week's Flashback takes our beloved couple to the end of filming Season 1. Some of this was captured in very early posts and FFAs, so any of you who weren't around then might enjoy a lot of this :)
September 14

Maril's Bro & Cait

Sam's excited for the referendum...

September 15

I see that Twins hat, Sam!

September 16

Anyone know anything about this guy? There isn’t anything on IMDB.

Caitriona’s going to see Kate Bush!
YES #bestsurpriseever #soexcitedimaypeemyself

Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. Rumi #inspiration

September 17

Beard wars...

LOL... This handsome groom!

Must be talking about those People photos, where it was just the corset :)

September 18
The day started out like this...

And ended like this... :(

Poor Samwise! Gotta love his passion!
September 19
Grant wraps :(

More Beard Wars

September 20—Some really awful, poorly-done episode aired. ;-)

Cait gets a birthday treat!

Ummm, we all hated that episode, right?


September 21
I don’t know what this is, but I didna watch the video :)

Not at all, Sam.

Love these two!

September 22
Last Monday on set :(

Scotland you beauty!

September 23

Awww... praise be to Patron Saint Murtugh

The horses have wrapped!

The lad loves his horse!

I’m really excited for his episodes! Basically all of the episodes

LOL... This is the OutMader guy.

September 24—That’s a Wrap!

September 25

Sam’s hungover for the Wrap Party LOL

September 26
ICYMI, Caitriona & Sam AskOutlander
Fenchurchly’s highlights here: :)

Start of 6 months of explanations to unhappy people, Sammy.

September 30—Sam Does Some Climbing

Sam’s exhausted from being so hot for us all season!

Gracious Caitriona:

That's all folks, hope you enjoyed. Thanks for tuning in and all of the comments, and thanks to fenchurchly and di_elle for help with stuff I missed and to tusiaczek87 for thinking this was a decent idea :) The cast's interaction has been glorious! It is something to look forward to when Season 2 filming kicks into gear!
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