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Character Discussion Post: Jamie Fraser

After talking with the lovely mandersonmsp, I've decided to start character-specific discussion posts leading up to the premiere of 1b (or until we run out of characters worth discussing). These will go up every Wednesday and are open to discussion of everything in Outlander canon, including novellas and the Lord John novels. That said, please post book spoilers behind a cut.

For our first edition we'll be discussing Jamie Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, he of the red-deer-pelt-colored hair. Here we can consider all things JAMMF-related, the good and the bad, including but not limited to:

  • gifs

  • Jamie's best and worst moments (show & books)

  • favorite Jamie quotes

  • character differences between the books and show

  • thighs

  • Jamie's relationships with other characters

  • JAMMF-specific snark

  • anecdotes about times you've side-eyed Jamie

I love Claire and I know it all starts with her character, but I figure JAMMF will generate the most discussion and the best gifs for this first post. Sorry, Claire, but I'm sure you understand our thirst.

Apart from his unshowered man musk, is JAMMF a too-perfect book hero, ontd_sass?
Tags: character discussion, james alexander malcolm mackenzie fraser
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