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Best Week Ever™ Round Up! - Open Post

Did ye fall through some stones last Friday and just get back? Are ye now like "Holy f... what did I miss"? Dinna fash! We got ye, Sassenach (especially if ye are looking for GIFs of each interview/award show moment/promo - they're in the comments of each post!):

January 3 - Starz released a promo for their spring programming which included new Outlander footage from Season 1B. There is sex.

January 4 - Starz released a preview of a promo (RME) for Droughtlander that had different footage from Season 1B. There is sex.

January 7 - Outlander won the People's Choice Award for Favorite Cable SciFi/Fantasy show. Cait and Sam attended, did several interviews, and were their adorable selves. There is sexual tension.

January 8 - Starz released a new promo picture from Season 1B. *fans self*. There is post-sex.

January 9 - The Television Critics Association press event happened and The Hands That Type, Ron, Sam and Cait were in attendance. Lots of interviews and cute social media things took place, with more of those to be released in the coming days & weeks.

January 9 - Starz released a new trailer for Season 1B (this is what was teased on 1/4), and promised a one minute preview on January 24th. There is sex. #PervNation

January 10 - We're 84 days away from April 4, so let's speculate about what we'll see! Spoilers for the first book are in the comments.
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