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Character Discussion: Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser

In this second installment we'll be discussing Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser [Spoiler]Grey, patron saint of Here we can share and consider all things Claire-related, the good and the bad, including but not limited to:

  • gifs

  • Claire's best and worst moments (show & books)

  • favorite Claire quotes

  • little in the middle but she got much back? character differences between the books and show

  • Claire's reliability as a narrator

  • whether or not Claire falls victim to the same fate as many book heroines: existing as a blank slate that allows for female readers to self-insert

  • Claire's relationships with other characters

  • anecdotes about times you've side-eyed Claire

This post is open to discussion of everything in Outlander canon, including novellas and the Lord John novels. That said, please post book spoilers behind a cut.

How big is your Mount of Venus, ontd_sass?
Tags: character discussion, claire beauchamp randall fraser
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