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Round Up Post! Edition: January 10 - 17

ICYMI in the Last FFAF:

- Sam & Cait Attended the Golden Globes InStyle Party
- Outlander Volume 1 DVD Release Date Information
- Sam Talked to Parade Magazine (TCA Interview)
- Ron Confirmed 2016 Season 2 Air Date and May-February Filming (TCA Interview)
- Casting Speculation for Major Season 2 Character
- Episode Titles for 9-16 Announced
- E! Online Tidbit about Episode 9
- Sam Made a Burpee Video for #MyPeakChallenge
- Cait Attended the Elle Women in Television Event
- Cait Made a Thank You Video for the Anglo Fan Favorite Award Win
- Pictures of Tobias in The Fever
- Sam had a Photo Shoot with Emmy Magazine
- Starz Released A New Programming Trailer (Very Brief OL Shots)
- Minor Details on Sam's Film Project "Where the Starlight Ends"

Posts with Outlander News:

- Sam and Cait Attended BAFTA LA Tea Party
- VERY Spoiler-y Interview with Sam (TCA Interview)
- Soundtrack Track Listing and Release Date Information
- New Jamie Still Released for #KissAGingerDay
- Interview with Cait (TCA Interview)
- Interview with Queen Anne Kenney About Outlander & Female Gaze

Posts with Discussion/Community Focused:

- Week Two of Sassy Peak Challenge!
- Character Discussion: Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser

Previous Round Ups: FFAF and Best Week Ever™ (1/3-1/10).

Feedback wanted, Sassenachs! Are these round ups helpful? Should they be a weekly thing, and is the format OK?
Tags: dinna fash, round up
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