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Round Up Post! Edition: January 17 - 24

ICYMI in the Last FFAF:

Cait was QT On Set!
HQ Photos from 2014 TV Guide Photo Shoot
Cait Talks Raunchy Scenes
Sam Went to a Birthday Party
Sam & Cait (and Big Blister!) Went on a Hike!
Anglophile Channel Announces Sam & Cait Are Fave British (oop) Artists
Terry Discussed 2015 Plans
Cait Stayed Warm on Set!
Sam Drank Coffee During TCA Interview
Sam Flew to Scotland
Outlander Will be at PaleyFest on March 12!
E! Praises Cait's Performance in Episode 10
Sam & Cait Tease Minute Long Promo to Air 1/24

Posts with Outlander News:

Cait & Sam Interview with Anglophile Channel @ BAFTA LA Tea
NEW DVD News, Including Special Features Info
Sam and Cait Discuss Mid-Season Return

Posts with Discussion/Community Focused:

Week Three of Sassy Peak Challenge!
Character Discussion: Frank Randall

Previous Round Up: 1/10 - 1/17.
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