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Outlander Location Round-Up!

If you are planning a trip to Scotland to go through the stones or ever wonder about some of the sites used on the show, here are some Outlander locations from around Bonny Scotland! Location details containing spoilers for Season 1b below a spoiler cut.

To start off, we canna forget Castle Doune as Castle Leoch!

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 12.25.57 PM

More on Castle Doune:

[Midhope Castle]

Una "tower house" scozzese del 16° secolo, situata nel borgo di Abercorn ed usata come location in #‎Outlander per Broch Turach, anche nota col nome di "Lallybroch", di proprietà della famiglia Fraser e che avremo modo di rivedere nei prossimi episodi della serie tv


Midhope Castle

A 16th century Scottish "tower house", located in the hamlet of Abercorn and used as a filming location in #Outlander for Turach, also called Broch as "Lallybroch", owned by the Fraser family and that we will review in the coming episodes of the TV series

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 12.18.53 PM

OP: We've seen the dooryard/archway for this one before Jamie found out chickens are verra poor company. [Spoiler (click to open)]Excited to see Laird Jamie rock it after Jenny serves him some humble pie and then dish out some hot married sex with his wife in his birthright until something verra bad happens.

More on Midhope Castle here:
Source: Outlander Italy

[Balgonie Castle]

Castello scozzese situato a Fife usato come location in Outlander per la residenza di Sir Marcus MacRannoch, proprietario di Eldridge Manor, che ha un ruolo fondamentale nell’aiutare Claire e Jamie negli eventi finali del primo libro e che scopriamo in passato essere stato uno spasimante di Ellen MacKenzie, madre di Jamie. Potremo ammirare la bellezza della location verso l'ep 15 "Wentworth Prison".


Balgonie Castle

Scottish castle situated in Fife used as location in Outlander for the residence of Sir Marcus MacRannoch, Eldridge Manor's owner, who has a key role in helping Claire and Jamie in the final events of the first book and that we learn in the past had been a suitor of Ellen MacKenzie, Jamie's mother. We can admire the beauty of the location to Ep 15 "Wentworth Prison".

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 12.19.58 PM

OP: [Spoiler (click to open)]Can't wait to meet you Sir Marcus, you helpful bear... Well, actually I can because I'm not ready for Wentworth even though DG is pumped.

Source: Outlander Italy

Privately owned and a work of labour and dedication for almost 30 years by the current owners, the Morris family, it is so nice to find a historic castle that is not only lived in but well loved. It was a real treat to be shown around the castle by the Laird himself and his son who provide visitors with a warming welcome while regaling tales of the history, resident ghosts and ongoing work that makes their home so unique.


The beguiling kilted Laird and his son were happy to show me photos they had taken of the Outlander set, some props that had been left, share the authentic details that had been added including the moss that was glued to the well (talk about attention to detail!) and gave me a few clues as to what to look out for in [Spoiler (click to open)]episode 15 when the castle appears, Highland cows definitely feature!
From the Chapel to the Great Hall this is a very atmospheric and special place and one I highly recommend you visit for yourself. If you would like to hold your own fairytale Outlander themed wedding I can't think of a better setting and the rates seem very reasonable for such an impressive venue. Oh and for those of you dreaming of marrying a Scot and living in a castle you might be interested to know that the Laird's son recently married a Texan lady so you never know...

OP: Hope for all of us single Sassenachs, right?!

Full text and many more photos at the source:

More on Balgone Castle here:

[Aberdour Castle]

Uno dei castelli più antichi della Scozia situato nel villaggio di Easter Aberdour (Fife), che è stato usato come location in #‎Outlander per l'Abbazia di Ste. Anne de Beaupré, introdotta nel Capitolo 38 dal titolo appunto "L'Abbazia". Le riprese della serie tv si sono svolte nella Old Kitchen (Vecchia Cucina) e Long Gallery (Galleria Lunga) insieme ad altre scene che andranno in onda nelle prossime puntate.


Aberdour Castle

One of the castles oldest of Scotland situated in the village of Easter Aberdour ( Fife ), That was used as a location in #Outlander for the Abbey of Ste. Anne de Beaupré, introduced in Chapter 38 from the title is "The abbey". The filming of the TV series took place in the old kitchen (old kitchen) and long gallery (gallery Long) together with other scenes that will go on the air in the next episodes. :)

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 12.44.57 PM

Site of [Spoiler (click to open)]hot spring sex Jamie's healing.

Source: Outlander Italy

I can't say this is one of the most remarkable castles that I have visited, however it has added interest for Outlander fans as it was used as one of the filming locations.

The original tower house was constructed in the 13th Century and over time the structure was expanded although much of it is now in ruins. Part of the original tower house still lies collapsed in the grounds where it fell. There are also some pleasant surrounding gardens, including an unusual terrace garden.


Filming in the castle took place in the Old Kitchen and Long Gallery and possibly some more scenes which have yet to be shown.
There isn't a huge amount to see as most of the castle is in ruins so an hour here should cover it.

Full text and many more photos at the source:

More on Aberdour Castle here:

[Preston Mill]

Antico mulino ad acqua situato a East Lothian in Scozia che è stato usato come location in #‎Outlander per girare la famosa scena del capitolo 28 "Baci e Mutandoni" che tutti i lettori non possono dimenticare! La location è stata usata, in realtà, anche per le riprese di una seconda scena che vedremo successivamente nel corso dei prossimi episodi. :)


Preston Mill

Old watermill situated in East Lothian in Scotland that was used as a location in #Outlander to shoot the famous scene in Chapter 28 "Kisses and Drawers" that all readers will not forget! The location has been used, actually, even for filming a second scene we'll see later in the course of the next few episodes.

Source: Outlander Italy

[Carlisle Castle]

Castello medievale inglese di oltre 900 anni, situato nella città di Carlisle, in Cumbria, ed usato come location in #Outlander per la "Prigione di Wentworth" (che i lettori conoscono bene...) e che vedremo negli ultimi episodi della serie tv. Le riprese si sono svolte nel mese di settembre e presenti sul set erano Sam Heughan, Tobias Menzies, oltre alle comparse per le Giubbe Rosse e due bellissimi cavalli Frisoni.


Carlisle Castle

Medieval English castle for over 900 years, located in the city of Carlisle, Cumbria, and used as a filming location in #Outlanderfor "Wentworth prison" (that readers know ...) and we'll see in the last episodes of the tv series. Filming took place in September and present on the set were Sam Heughan, Tobias Menzies, in addition to appearances for the Red coats and two beautiful Frisian horses.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 11.05.03 AM

More on Carlisle Castle:

Source: Outlander Italy

[Blackness Castle]

In late February and early March, Blackness Castle stood in for Fort William in Outlander.

Photo of Caitriona on set at Blackness Castle:


Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 11.12.50 AM

More on Blackness Castle:

Additional Locations from "Six must visit locations in Fife for Outlander fans"


Many fans will already be aware that Falkland was used for filming a 1940s Inverness which is quite ironic as many of the houses are preserved from the 17th and 18th century, some even older. With traditional pubs, shops and 28 listed buildings it is certainly a glimpse of times gone by (if you can block out the cars!).

The town is dominated by Falkland Palace which is well worth visiting so make sure you set aside an extra 1- 2 hours to explore the former country residence of the Stuart monarchs and it's unusual gardens. The guides in the Palace are very helpful and will provide you with lots of interesting stories about it's original use as a royal getaway to it's restoration and sometimes dark and turbulent past.

Outlander fans can recreate one of the first scenes of the show by standing at the Bruce fountain in the town centre and looking up to the window of Mrs Baird's B&B just as the ghost [Spoiler (click to open)]of Jamie did in the first episode. Mrs Baird's is in fact The Covenanter Hotel so you can go inside and enjoy a drink if you need a refreshment to quell all the excitement! Just along from the hotel you will find Fayre Earth which was used as Farrell's in the show, although it does look quite different on the outside in it's 21st century colours. Campbell's Coffee House in the show was previously a pharmacy. However after filming it has remained a coffee house and is situated just opposite the fountain.


Culross is the characterful and charming town that time forgot and is the most complete example in Scotland today of a Burgh of the 17th and 18th centuries. I can't imagine it is the most practical place to live in the 21st century with it's narrow, winding cobbled streets and lack of parking but there is something about this quaint little place that fires your romantic imagination about living in one of the colourful cottages with a quirky name.


You may be aware that Culross was mainly used as the fictional Cranesmuir in Outlander with the area around the Mercat cross being the most recognisable. At the time of my visit the houses used in filming still had their mottled grey coat which was used to give them a more authentic 1740s look although they are in the process of being turned back to white.

The distinctive yellow Culross Palace is an interesting place to visit and the lovely garden at the rear was used as Claire's herb garden in the series, head up to the terraces and you will also be rewarded with a great view across the distinctive red pantile rooftops to the Firth of Forth. Another Culross location used in the filming is the ruined West Kirk, perhaps better known as the Black Kirk, probably best not to eat anything growing wild here!

Many more photos here.


Unfortunately I only spent a short time in this little coastal town and it was too wet for photos. Many of the buildings are in similar style to Culross but the openness to the Firth of Forth and it's harbour give it a more modern feel although the town dates back to the 14th century.

I believe one of the old kilns was used as cave in the Outlander filming and the town used as a backdrop but other than that I've not been able to identify any specific locations. [...] Limekilns is on the road from Culross to Aberdour Castle so worth the short detour for a walk around.

OP: Could this cave be [Spoiler (click to open)]from when Claire searches for Jamie and gets a visit from Dougal? Or it possibly could be the Liars' Spring scene from Episode 6.

- What have been your favorite locations so far, ONTD_Sass?

- Have you spotted any 1b locations in the trailer bits?

- Which locations match up best with what you pictured from the book?

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