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the waitress at milliways

Welcome x2 & Community Admin

Hey everyone! I'm so glad there was so much interest in the community last night! And thank you to everyone who offered to help out.

Here's what I'm thinking right now as far as regular posts that I'll (or another mod, see below) put up:

- Discussion posts live on Saturdays which will go up around 8p ET (an hour before the show starts). Live stream links in the posts are super welcome!
- After show post for the promo of the next episode/post episode discussion/streaming links welcome.

After that, anything goes! Especially GIF parties, character appreciation, book discussion, etc... that may not get accepted on ONTD (Thighlight Thursdays anyone?).

Right now membership is moderated just to keep away bots, but all members have posting access so don't be shy :).

If anyone wants to be a mod let me know! It would be good to have another person or two for back up. Also, any help with layout/icons/headers/HTML would be appreciated. If enough people are interested we could also do a call for submissions for the default icon and a header and have people vote on which to use.

I think that covers it! What do you guys think? Other ideas?

Updated: A few posting guidelines that can also be discussed:
- Book discussion always behind spoiler cuts unless the post is specific to a book and it's made clear there will be spoilers in the comments.
- ONTD rules/common sense for paragraphs and images behind an LJ cut to avoid Friends page clutter.
- No auto-play for videos, unless behind a cut with a warning.
- Tags can be requested by messaging a mod if necessary.

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