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Character Discussion Post: Laoghaire MacKenzie

It's time to discuss Castle Leoch's most infamous teenager, a lass whose thirst for Jamie is rivaled only by our own:


Here we can share and consider all things Laoghaire-related, including but not limited to:

  • gifs

  • Character differences between the books and show

  • Did Jamie lead Laoghaire on?

  • How do you think her character will play into the next few episodes?

  • Do you consider her a sympathetic character? Or is she forever in the way?

[spoilers for books 3-7]

  • Why do you think she and Jamie's marriage went to pieces so quickly? Who was more at fault?

  • What do you make of the scene in Echo in the Bone where Jamie said he never raised a hand against Laoghaire because he didn't care enough to?

This post is open to discussion of everything in Outlander canon, including short stories and the Lord John novels. That said, please post book spoilers behind a cut.


Who was your first unrequited crush, ontd_sass?
Tags: character discussion, laoghaire = mcdonalds (no1 is lovin' it)
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