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Round Up Post! Edition: February 7 - 13

ICYMI in the Last FFAF:

VF Says Outlander Had One of TV's Most Satisfying Kisses
Sam, Maril & Graham Hunt Out in LA
Ron is in Scotland!
Cait's Film Stars Filming in NYC on 2/27
Outlander to Air in Italy Starting 3/9
Tobias Wraps Up The Fever in London
More Book 9 Daily Lines from Diana
Sam Attended Pre-Grammy Party w/ Arabella Oz
Laura Donnelly Wraps Up The River in NYC
Sam is Sweaty Post Workout
Amazon UK Acquires Streaming Rights to Outlander
Cait Posts Gorgeous Photos in London
Cait's Cat Inspires Cute Simon/Cait Twitter Exchange
New Black Jack Randall Character Poster
Tobias Appeared in UK's Catastrophe Episode 1x04
Another Book 9 Daily Lines from Diana
Kristin from E! will Moderate Paleyfest & is Soliciting Questions for Cast
Brief Interview w/ Sam at Pre-Grammy Party
New Claire Character Poster
The Outlander OST Debuted at #31 on iTunes
Outlander Funko Pop! Concept Art
New Jamie Character Poster
Cait Went to a Bar in London
50 Days Until New Episodes!
Sam Won't Have Plaited Hair in Season 2

Posts with Outlander News:

Outlander on iTunes + Special Features
Four Sam & Cait Interview Clips from TWC
New 1B Promo & Sex Scene Sneak Peek

Posts with Discussion/Community Focused:

1x01 Re-Watch Live Discussion Post
March Sassness Episode 1x01 Voting
Book 1 Discussion Post
Character Discussion Post: Laoghaire Mackenzie
Episode 1x01 Recap by the ONTD_Sassenachs!
Sex Scenes in the Book & Show: A Scientific Discussion

Previous Round Up: January 31 - February 7.
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