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Round Up Post! Edition: February 13 - 20

ICYMI in the Last FFAF:

VF Says Outlander Has One of TV's Hottest Love Affairs
Starz Releases New Promo w/ Brief New Outlander Glimpses/a>
Sam Tried to Make #50ShadesofPlaid Happen
Terry Blogged About Ron & Valentine's Day - We All Swooned
Sam & Cait Sent Us a Video Valentine's Day Message
We Were Frightened by New Outlander Merch
Tobias (and Hiddles) Attended Benedict Cumberbatch's Wedding
Sam Was Not Selected for the Gore-Tex Experience Tour :(
Peak Challenge Shirts Were Delivered Along w/ Gym Teacher!Sam Photo
Tobias Was Cute on Twitter
TV Guide Released Brief Interview from TCAs
Starz Released New Still from 1x02
Starz Released New Still from 1x08
Simon Made Cait Dinner!
Kristin Still Asking for PaleyFest Questions
Sam is an Artist During Make Up/Hair Sessions
New Italian Outlander Commercial
Updated Outlandish Companion to be Released March 31
Season 1B Red Carpet Premiere Happening in NYC on April 1
People Released Deleted Scene from The Wedding
Matt B. Roberts Tweeted a Season 2 Tease
Cait Attended Marc Jacobs Show at NYFW
Terry Blogged About Winter in Scotland
WtSE Director Posted Picture of Sam to Insta <- VIEW W/ GLASS OF WINE AT THE READY
New Old Interview with Cait From Golden Globes Party
Pictures of Cait at NYFW

Posts with Outlander News:

Outlander on iTunes Valentine's Day Commercial w/ Cait

Posts with Discussion/Community Focused:

1x02 Re-Watch Live Discussion Post
March Sassness Episode 1x02 Best Scene Voting
ONTD Sass Reading Room! Book Suggestions
Sam's Chest & Body Hair: A Scientific Discussion
Dragonfly in Amber Discussion Post Part 2
ONTD Sass Friending/Intro Post Part 2

Previous Round Up: February 7 - 13.
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