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Previously on... Outlander: Episode 2 - Castle Leoch

Lost in translation

Oh look, it's the part were I almost didn't understand anyone the first time I watched it. liviana89
TBH, there are still some Jamie lines where I have no idea what he is saying. fenchurchly
We dinna need to understand him. we just need to look at him. mea_culpa2

We feel you, Claire

After spending 2 days and nights on a horse with my arse ripping up against that amazing c*ck cha0sc0ntained
How the hell is she still able to walk? mea_culpa2
apparently she has the ability to ride hard. kiddisaster83

Sup, my name is Claire InmyShift! angedesoir

Claire's like "Scars and tales of woe are legit my thing tbh." mandersonmsp

Ohhh, he looks so hot in the hallway. All annoyed at being fussed over and stuff. door

'you better keep bearing the weight of that wall, corner. i'm watching you' kiddisaster83

Jamie + Firelight = OTP

oh hai muscles. how you doin'? kiddisaster83

Aw, Jamie.....fishing for status information..... flippet
"your husband is a lucky man"
THAT'LL BE YOU SOON BB!!!!!! fenchurchly
And he will, indeed, get lucky. door

Jamie should always - always - be sitting or lying in front of a fireplace. For reasons obvious in this gif. kreidy

hi my name is jamie, and i can kick some red coat ass. kiddisaster83

Claire, look at your life, look at your choices !

"Or worse...left him for another man." Claire guuurl, get your priorities straight. liviana89

really bitch you have half naked jamie and you are thinking about fred? get life tusiaczek87

Aaaw, the moment when he knew that he loved her. And when he got a kilt boner. mea_culpa2

i honestly thought they were going to fuck right there by the fire
still one of my fav scenes in the show tusiaczek87

Here comes the He-man declaration...... afropunkchic_03
"I haven't been getting any, like, ever, not even when all the lassies are freely giving it it to me. I won't go all Randal on you" mallmouse


Something about Jamie carrying out his equipment is so hot.
Not a euphemism. Like holding all his weaponry and walking out. door

Rude wake up ft. Mrs. Fitz.

Ms. Fitz don't play no games. afropunkchic_03
She would have won the Battle Culloden if she'd been in charge, tbh. ama_blue

ms. fitz giveth the broth, ms. fitz taketh away. kiddisaster83


It's from France.
Oh, one of those strumpets.liviana89

Bum rolls are the least sexy thing ever. fenchurchly
All those layers... my god! chapmangrl

In which Claire is good at this

how is her story at all sticking close to the truth? i think she needs more practice at this.kiddisaster83

5 days till i be back home!
bitch AS IF it is only second episode what were you thinking? tusiaczek87
Nobody told Claire about her network ordering the full season! SHAME. door

Wee Hamish!

Aw I actually love this scene between Hamish and Dougal. Dougal is so complex in the show.
Love the music too. mea_culpa2
That just sounded to be straight from the Titanic OST. liviana89

I'd never felt the need to go to Scotland before I watched this show - such gorgeous scenery. It's so close and now it'll be ages before I'm able to visit. autumnxdays

Claire really jumps to conclusions. Maybe her uncle never took time to play with her, I suppose. door

In which Claire is not so good at this

Girl's got some balls.....I'd never be walking right up to the head table - I'd be looking for a chair at the back, keep a low profile, ye ken. flippet

lol @ all of them giving her side eye tusiaczek87

Damn, Colum and Dougal playing her ass from the get go. afropunkchic_03

Oh Claire. Think before you speak, don't jump to conclusions!! autumnxdays

Open mouth. Insert foot. cha0sc0ntained

i am honestly embarrassed for her tusiaczek87

Claire, depart your drunk ass from the table. You've been played afropunkchic_03

k, where's Jamie tho?

They had to put him in the stable because his looks set the castle on fire. True story. door

i banished that handsome ginger to the stables. don't want anyone making him laird, ye ken? kiddisaster83
I read this as "hard" oop fenchurchly

Romantic picnic, sharing stories

I was thinking I needed to go see Jamie. Totally for platonic reasons. Of course. door

All the castle knows Claire has the hots for sexy ginger stable boy. liviana89
All the castle has the hots for sexy ginger stable boy. mea_culpa2

I love that Jamie speaks to horses, well to animals in general alexana303
He speaks to my ovaries. mandersonmsp

Get that girl with spirit Jamie!! She's gonna teach you a thing or two... liviana89

Duuuuude everything was right it that scene. That face it sit worthy. afropunkchic_03

Oh God, here comes the squat.

One of my favourite scenes, the scene where I became aware I had a thing for knees and thighs <3 autumnxdays

I want to hear your story, Mr. MacTavish, but your thighs are distracting me. door

Hike up your kilt a little more and show the world to me.mandersonmsp

yessssssssssss @ claire checking that dick tusiaczek87
She wants him and wants him real bad. lol chapmangrl

Aye, if ya like
I DO JAMIE. I DO. door

Geillis! You crazy, cold-blooded, second ginger

"I found a quiet sense of pleasure in touching growing things " You do, Claire! di_elle
not so quietly kiddisaster83

Geillis is such a wood fairy fenchurchly

They say I'm a witch. Bitch I'm the WITCH cha0sc0ntained

I just realized Geillis is playing the Game of Thrones. door

Oh...there she is.

My eyes are already rolling back and Leery isn't even on-screen yet. That's how much I can't even at her upcoming presence. liviana89
"adblocked, tbh" di_elle

Jamie, ya big dumb showoff. Leave Laoghaire to her punishment. flippet
Looking for excuses for Claire to touch mend him. mea_culpa2

Flair for the dramatic.... afropunkchic_03
More cocky Jamie, please. door

Right in that damn shoulder, lowdown... afropunkchic_03
Dougal plays dirty...in this case, his minions do. chapmangrl

Help me, Sassenach.

Only eyes for Claire. chapmangrl
Just looking for excuses at this point.fenchurchly

Now I have to think about the scene we could've had. Thanks, showmakers. liviana89

One of the scenes that should have been in this epi. chapmangrl

- idk about leghair i just wanted for you to touch me again! tusiaczek87

Aw bless, all his hopes and dreams have just come crashing down :(  autumnxdays

You're leaving? But I love you....... mea_culpa2
ah i see in translation; fuck my life tusiaczek87

Claire you ain't going anywhere boo boo.

Claire it's a trap! It's a trap! mandersonmsp

Get a clue Claire. You're not going anywhere. There's a ginger virgin you have to deflower. mea_culpa2

Awww Claire, dinna fash yourself! You won't be sleeping alone for long! door

gif credit: mostly our resident gif queen chapmangrl, some by yours truly.


The stuff big red dreams are made of... liviana89

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