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AU Fanfics!

Some of you talked about a possible "HighSchool" fanfic and others AU and I remember I've read some.... so here's the list:

(those are just mostly just drabbles, but better thank noting, right?)

High school (Nurse!Claire, Student!Jamie) http://archiveofourown.org/works/2390573/chapters/5592023
Selkie!Jamie, 1946!Claire http://archiveofourown.org/works/2390573/chapters/5517212
Brianna, Ghost!Jamie http://archiveofourown.org/works/2390573/chapters/5443340

This collection is called An Infinite Variety

1. Hogwarts Jamie is a third-year Gryffindor and Claire is the head girl
2. Zombies zombie outbreak in Cranesmuir
3. Medieval Claire is a Norman lady, Jamie is a Scottish laird, arranged marriage
4. Spies Claire is a spy
5. School Nurse!Claire, FrenchTeacher!Jamie
6. Mythical Creature Selkie!Claire
7. Fairy Tale Cupid and Psyche & Celtic myths
8. Futuristic Claire and Jamie reunion, in the space!
9. Aliens
10. Parody of Another Fandom jaeger pilots
11. Slice of Life Surgeon!Claire and Jamie are flatmates in Inverness
12. Deserted Island angst!jamie exiled to a desert island
13. Buddy Cops/Detectives Cop!Claire, teenagedDelinquent!Jamie
14. Allegiance Swap Claire is a Jacobite
15. Sex Swap gender swap Jamie and Claire in 1743
16. Superheroes (my favorite ;))

I remember I've read one where Jacobite won the '43 war and Jamie and Claire ended up being the King and Queen of England but I can't find it now. (it was from Frank perspective I think)

and this one I've not read it yet http://archiveofourown.org/works/3419402?view_full_work=true
Outlander punk AU. Philharmonic hopeful Claire Beauchamp falls in with the punk band Tulach Ard and her life will never be the same.
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