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Round Up Post! Edition: February 21 - 28

ICYMI in the Last FFAF:

Vintage Cait Image Spam!
Another NYFW Photo from Cait
BTS Photo Featuring Cait & Tobias
Graham Being a on Twitter
BB!Sam Photo & Previous Work
Lotte is a Flawless Ginger Witch IRL
Sam & Cait Describe Outlander in 5 Words (PCA)
Sam Unofficially Attended Pre-Oscar Party
DVD Special Feature Tease: BTS Vignette
Article: Jamie Fraser is Better Than Christian Grey (duh)
Sam's Latest FF Dishes - He's Normal (duh)
Sam Has Been Posting to Facebook and OP is Shocked (srsly where was I?)
New/Old Pic with Cait From Golden Globes Party
Lotte is Gorgeous at an Oscar Party
Terry is Unimpressed by Oscar Fashion
Sam Begins Filming "When The Starlight Ends"
Graham is Announced as the Grand Marshal for the NYC Tartan Day Parade!
BTS Photo from 1x06 Released
DG Released New Daily Lines for Book 9
New Photo From 1B
Geography Teacher/Track Coach!Sam <--- Sassies Go RPF & I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE
Cait Continues to Stump for ColbertMD
Sam Reminds Us That Touching His Back For 3 Hours a Day is a Real Job
Queen Anne FanCasts Her Dog #nepotism #smh #adorable
WtSE Cast & Location Social Media Updates
Bear Talks About Outlander Score
More Social Media Updates From WtSE Set
BTS Photos From Cait's Upcoming Film "The Price of Desire"

Posts with Outlander News:

UK Distribution and Air Dates Announced!
Sam on Off Screen Relationship with Cait, New Episodes & More!

Posts with Discussion/Community Focused:

Episode 1x02 Recap by the ONTD_Sassenachs!
1x03 Re-Watch Live Discussion Post
March Sassness Episode 1x03 Best Scene Voting
Voyager Discussion Post Part 2
Character Discussion Post: Dougal & Colum MacKenzie
Episode 1x03 Recap by the ONTD_Sassenachs!
1x04 Re-Watch Live Discussion Post
March Sassness Episode 1x04 Best Scene Voting
AU Fan Fiction Recommendations & Ideas

Previous Round Up: February 13 - 20.

Sorry this post is late! Real life is rude.
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