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Blu-Ray Deleted Scenes/Features Discussion Post

Depository for information/Discussion about the Blu-Ray release. I will continue updating. Bless ye little and chapmangrl, you Sassies are amazing!

Sassenach - 2 Deleted Scenes
A Word to the Wise - Frank/Claire arriving in Inverness, B&B lady tells a ghost story about Halloween, leads into them getting to their room.
Who Are You? - Extended Claire/BJ scene when she first comes through the Stones. He attacks her and she knees him, leading right up to when Murtugh saves her.

Castle Leoch
Now You're Ready - Mrs. Fitz gets Claire ready to see Colum
Five Days - Murtugh comes to get her to see Colum
There's a Price on My Head - Claire puts bandages on Jamie. Jamie talks about eating while living rough that one winter.
It Could Be Worse - Droughtlander clip of the extended scene with Rupert and Claire.
A Simple Routine - Claire goes about her five days until the tinker comes, while being followed by R/A, flashes back to her and Frank at the Castle, leading up to her going into the hall and sitting with C/D.
Present Your Case - Dougal hears more people in the hall.
Do You Know Her? - The UST/leeches scene from the iTunes release.

The Way Out - just 1
A Fellow Practitioner - Extended scene with Claire at Geillis'.

The Gathering - One verra important scene
I Give You My Obedience - Extended Oath scene. It's more tense, Colum talks more. They should've used this cut.

There are about 21 deleted scenes, including four from The Wedding:

Most of the special features are here: Not sure how long they'll stay up.

"There can be no secrets" Deleted Scene

Extended Stable Discussion Scene from The Wedding

Wedding Vows Scene

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