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Character Discussion Post: Jenny Fraser

Before we get to the back half of season 1, I want to get thru the rest of the big characters set to appear in 1b. Of course, that includes:


Here we can share and consider all things Jenny-related, including but not limited to:

  • gifs

  • her best and worst moments (show & books)

  • Character differences between the books and show (or ones you anticipate, dread, or hope for)

[spoilers for books 1-3]

  • What did you think of the scene where she describes to Jamie and Claire what it's like to be pregnant? Will they keep that in the show?

  • How has your opinion of Jenny changed over the course of the novels?

  • About that infamous Voyager scene...why do you think Jenny outed Jamie's lying ass by bringing Laoghaire to Lallybroch? Why did she want Claire to leave?

This post is open to discussion of everything in Outlander canon, including short stories and the Lord John novels. That said, please post book spoilers behind a cut.

How do you think Jenny and Jamie's lives would have been different had their older brother William survived, ontd_sass?
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