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Round Up Post! Edition: March 14 - 21

ICYMI in the Last FFAF:

Cait Spoke with The Wrap
Cait Spoke with Yahoo Screen
Terry's Costume Podcast for 1x02 Released
Confirmed: Sam is Made of Unicorn Dust
DG Defends Her Choice of Words... Again
Grant O'Rourke Tweeted a Rupert Doodle
New Quotes from Sam's Cosmo Article
Photo of Maril & Cait's BFF Simon
Terry Stans *Hard* for Cait on Twitter
DG Defends Her Choice of Words... Again, Again!
Cait Works Outside in the LA Sunshine
New Book 9 Daily Lines from DG
Sam Signs w/ PR Firm
BREAKING: Sam is Ticklish
Photo of Tobias Cuddling w/ a Puppy!
Sam Posted a Video About My Peak Challenge
Cait Posts Photos of her & Sam at the LA Marathon
Video of Sam Running at Mile 19 of the LA Marathon
Picture of Cait & Friends
Sam Posts His Marathon Run Time & Thanks Fans for Support
Sam's Mum Was "Delighted" About the Anglophile Award Win
Sams Asks Everyone to Share Their My Peak Challenge Achievements
Interview with DG from 1997
New Fan Picture with Sam
E!Online Spoiler Chat w/ Outlander News
New BTS Photo Featuring Character from 1B
London Premiere Q&A Will Feature Sam, Cait & Ron
Photo of Tobias at Amazon UK
Sam Will Appear on the Dr. Oz Show
Photo of Lotte Being Gorgeous on St. Patrick's Day!
Sam's Co-Star on WtSE Posts Photo of Himself w/ Sam
Sam Celebrated St. Patrick's w/ a Guinness
Sam Thanks Fans for My Peak Challenge Support & Posts Marathon Photo
Maril & Ron Go Location Scouting (to Prague?)
Photo of Cait with Simon and Karolina
Photo of Cait Pluggin Colbert MD & Looking Flawless
Matt Roberts Teases Season 2
Photo of Cait's Costume Fitting for The Wedding
New Character Stills for 1B
Minor 1B Spoilers from Vanity Fair's Richard Lawson
Sam is Feeling #blessed
Amazon UK Will Have Premiere Q&A Available on Tuesday
New J/C Still from 1B
Photo of Cait Pouting About Leaving LA
Sam Wrapped WtSE
Diana Twitter Q&A
BTS Photo of Lotte

Paley Related FFAF Threads:

Sam Interview w/ Access Hollywood
Sam & Cait Had the Same Hairdo @ Paley
Cast & Crew Thank You Tweets
Insider Scoops! Photos & Video from Paley courtesy of chapmangrl!
Sam Accepts Anglophile Awards
Sam Interview on Paley Purple Carpet
Sam & Cait Interviews on Paley Purple Carpet
Another Sam Interview on Paley Purple Carpet
Cait Interview with Access Hollywood
Interview with PopSugar from the Paley Purple Carpet
Paley Purple Carpet Live Stream from TheStream.TV
Yet Another Cait Interview!
Sam/Cait/Tobias Interview
Tom & Lorenzo Evaluate Paley Fest Looks
Fan Picture with Tobias and Cait
DG Felt She was Misunderstood at PaleyFest *rme*
Sam Interview with KDS from E!
Diana Interview w/ Access Hollywood

Posts with Outlander News:

Ron, Cait, Tobias and DG interview with Collider
Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe Grade Their Chemistry, Reveal One Surprising Thing About Each Other
Ron,Sam and Cait Spoke to TVGuide
Caitriona Interview with Elle + New Claire Character Trailer

Posts with Discussion/Community Focused:

Live Discussion Post! Re-Watch: Episode 1x06 - The Garrison Commander
Previously on... Outlander: Episode - Rent
March Sassness Tournament - Vote for Best Scene from 1x06
Character Discussion Post: Ian Murray
Book to Show: Adaptation Ideas! (Spoilers for Book 3+ in Comments)

Previous Round Up: March 7 - 14.
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