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Previously on... Outlander: Episode 6 - The Garrison Commander

"The Bachelor: Highlands." Instead of being shipped off in a limo, you'll be taken to a psychopath in an English prison.kreidy

This whole episode is just full of "No Claire", "Stop Claire", "Don't Claire", "OMG bb Claire", "Gon head Claire", "Claire!" moments, tbh. Here for it though. afropunkchic_03

Claire Beauchamp : worst liar since... ever

No really, I am a guest. Really. notsoimmortal
With such a dramatic pause and tense looks before informing the Lieutenant that everything was okay, no wonder you were still taken to BJR anyway, Claire. Think, woman! weatherspoon10

This red coat creeps me out. chapmangrl
They did a good job of showing in this episode how these were supposed to be her people but she ended up a total outsiderfenchurchly

Oh, the claret. The hype precedes it. weatherspoon10
Something about Lord Thomas reminds me of Tom Hiddleston..... afropunkchic_03
this wig is so lame buy new one dude tusiaczek87
Lord Thomas, stepping up to Dougal

It's so crazy to see Dougal being patronized to. I remember feeling so taken off guard by this scene.fenchurchly

That was an amazing retort.chapmangrl
Yes Dougal, you tell them!! mea_culpa2

Nanny Claire is here, and she won't take any of your shit, understood? Now, behave or go to your room! kreidy

I think Lord Thomas likes to be ordered about if you know what im saayiinnnfenchurchly

In truth I found that tall ginger countryside quite beautiful. notsoimmortal

Cue Jane Austen characters playing the pianoforte/harpsichord in the backgroundkreidy
Musical montage and a voiceover, they're really spoiling us this episode. mea_culpa2

black jack and his haircape are here to creep us all out! tusiaczek87
"By all means. We must protect the claret."weatherspoon10
If looks could kill, this room would look like a Quentin Tarantino movie right about now. kreidy

I understand where you're coming from, Claire, but for the love of whiskey, shut up! kreidy
Claire! Wine got you into a pickle with Colum. Why you gonna repeat the same mistake and get all liquored up in the belly of the beast. weatherspoon10
Lord Thomas is now trusting no bitch fenchurchly

I can't deal with surgery scenes fenchurchly
Corporal Hawkins, no one asked for you! You and Leery should run off together - no one will miss either of you. weatherspoon10

ok i ain't watch that.......... and i work it fucking hospital tusiaczek87
The sound of a bone saw gets me every time. weatherspoon10
Literally flesh crawl inducing. afropunkchic_03
It's almost worse than seeing the blood and gore, tbh. kreidy

Surprise!Fred get some love

yessssssssss claire's fab nightgown!
fuck u fred! i bet he didn't even noticed tusiaczek87
He was probably thinking about genealogy the entire time.kreidy

"This 200 yr old blade has kept it's edge"
I hope it's been sharpened a few times since then. notsoimmortal
 And cleaned. Who knows what bloodborne diseases BJR picked up over the yearsweatherspoon10

*Whispers* I kind of like the F/C shaving scene. I think Cait and Tobias have nice chemistry together. (Plus that night gown is amazing).
*Slaps myself* Okay back to my default setting of hating Surprise!Fredmea_culpa2
No lie, that Fred kiss was hawt. afropunkchic_03
no thank u tusiaczek87


I love that he pours it out before dropping the bottle. fenchurchly
"My honesty will match your honesty." hahaha chapmangrl

Bla Bla Bla I'm such a Bastard...
I like Tobias as BJR, but he chews the scenery too much for me sometimes. It borders on cartoonish at times. mea_culpa2

Woman, your lies are giving me a migraine/BJR facepalm. notsoimmortal
Claire can't lie to save her life. literally. di_elle
Bad move there, Claire, showing sympathy for that "poor Highlander boy". chapmangrl
Speaking of which, where is that "poor Highlander boy"? He's sorely missed. kreidy

ONDT_Sass Art Critic Version

maybe if she tells him she'll hang his drawing on the refrigerator because its SO GOOD that he won't have a temper tantrum with a whip? weatherspoon10
this scene be like

I'm NOT watchting this!

Cocky Jamie! fenchurchly
Jamie being a sassy sis through and through. afropunkchic_03
Jamie, how do you look so hot after being flogged once and in prison for days? notsoimmortal

Yeah, going to have to put this on mute..... afropunkchic_03

It is so sick how much he got off doing that. Tobias does a great job with that scene. Truly makes you hate BJR. chapmangrl
The depravity and sociopath just oozed out of him on that platform. weatherspoon10

Tobias's "AAHH" in Jamie's face was well done too. You could tell he was pissed he wasn't getting a reaction. fenchurchly
it was. and sam's physical responses to the lashes seem very believable. notsoimmortal

I seriously expected he was going to kiss Jamie when he pulled his hair. di_elle
I did too! I took that yell as frustration that he couldn't do it right then a there. afropunkchic_03

good job black jack you make me want to throw up my dinner tusiaczek87

"Blind fools. All they could see was the horror. But I, I could see the beauty. I could see the truth. That boy and I, we were creating a masterpiece."
LIKE, FUCK fenchurchly

claire please don't be that dumb tusiaczek87
Claire thought she was playing him but he was playing her all along. chapmangrl
This is not a severe case of PTSD. He's a psychopath, pure and simple. kreidy

Dougal BAMF mode: Activate

Love how Dougal comes crashing in. afropunkchic_03

I love the look Dougal gives the soldier fenchurchly

dougal!! and his corn loving ass!!tusiaczek87
Badass and corn grinder should be in his official bio.chapmangrl

This episode is tough to watch, but I will say that Dougal is a total badass throughout the episode. kreidy

oooh finally we get to the watchable part of the episode.
this episode is sponsored by
Dougal would grind her corn right there if he could. mea_culpa2

No Claire, you get to have that big, hot, red-headed one. afropunkchic_03
"Awww, shucks... oh no... please.... how horrible...." fenchurchly

I'll overlook the hobbit hair just for the relief of seeing him. mea_culpa2

are you willing?
yes i am willing to serve u my dick!tusiaczek87

BE COOL, JAMIE!! BE COOL!! di_elle
He is squeeeeinng inwardly. fenchurchly
He's trying so hard, bless him. kreidy

no one would want me, I'm just the hottest highlander out there... di_elle
Right? puuhlleaazeee fenchurchly

JAMIE OUT fenchurchly
Loving how the kilt was swishing around that ass. afropunkchic_03

upbeat music telling us THE SHOW HAS ARRIVED!

Our babies are gettin' marrit!


Sam is on screen for 60 seconds and magically makes us all forget about the incredible acting Tobias just brought to the table. weatherspoon10
ginger mind wipe notsoimmortal

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