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Cute New Interview w/ Sam & Cait

Outlander is coming home to the UK. With today’s twin premieres in Glasgow and London, UK fans will, finally, soon be able to view the first half of season 1 beginning March 26 on Amazon Prime UK. The Outlander Podcast was fortunate to be part of a phone interview with the series’ stars, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe.

What did we ask Outlander‘s stars? Choreography of a certain nature. And the rewarding part of playing these iconic characters. Below is the transcript of our portion of the interview.

The Outlander Podcast: What takes longer to choreograph, fight scenes or love scenes?
Caitriona: Uhhhh…Llllll Fiiiiiiii
Sam: Uhhhh…
Both: Uhhh…
Caitriona: Fightin’ love scenes? [laugh]
Sam: [laugh]
Caitriona: Yeah, I think sometimes the love scenes take longer.
Sam: Yeah, ‘cause I’m really good at fightin’, so I…
Both: [laugh]
Sam: No, we spend a lot of time on any sort of graphic scene, whether it’s violence or some of the intimate scenes. We spend a lot of time with the writers and directors just to work out exactly what we want from that scene and what we want the audience to see or feel. And then we block it together and then Cait normally forgets blocking. And then–
Caitriona: Never happens!
Sam: …does what she wants. And then,
Caitriona: [laugh]
Sam: …hopefully, we shoot something.
Caitriona: I’m just not going to say anything more. I’m just going to leave Sam Heughan to sit and think about what he’s said.
The Outlander Podcast: What is the most rewarding part of playing Claire and Jamie?
Caitriona: Wow, the most rewarding part of playing her? I think it’s honestly seeing how this character has touched so many people’s lives. As an actor you hope that you get a chance to play great characters and this definitely is one and it’s been such a dream playing her. But the unexpected side effects of that are all of these women across the world who have been really touched by having the book in their lives, or they’ve met each other through their friendships that they’ve sparked over the books. And seeing them get together and really support each other. That’s been really amazing.
Sam: I think Jamie Fraser is—it’s certainly a bit about Scotland that it’s been a joy to be able to bring the culture of Scotland—an authentic one—probably for the first time to film and TV and share it with the rest of the world. One of my proudest moments.

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