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ScotlandNow/Daily Record and Eveningtimes Interviews/reviews of the Premiere

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe enjoy the red carpet for Outlander double UK premier in London and Glasgow

“It felt very strange for Outlander not to have a home in the UK and now that it does it’s really exciting,” said Caitriona speaking to Scotland Now before the event.
[Cait and Sam's quotes here]
The sex scenes are never easy but you have to have to look at it within the context of 1743, she explains.
“You don’t start out excited about taking your clothes off in a room full of people for millions of people to watch. I felt it would be handled with taste and care by Ron Moore and we really insisted that when there were sex scenes they would be integral to the story line.”
But it’s fair to say that her co-star Sam attracts most attention from devotees of the eight-book epic series.
“I don’t get quite the giddy response that Sam Heughan seems to inspire,” she laughed. “So many of the fans want to be Claire so they can have Jamie.”

For 34-year-old actor Sam Heughan, whose hobby during filming breaks is to climb Scottish Munros, the show has turned him into a sex symbol on the other side of the Atlantic.
“It’s so strange that it has done so well in America and over here people haven’t heard if it,” he says. “We work in a little bubble in Scotland then it’s odd when you then go to America and see yourself on a billboard. But hopefully people here will enjoy it as much as the rest of the world.”
[..] After a break in filming of several months the cast and crew are now ready to begin shooting again for season two later this month. “It feels like Jamie is now close to me and it will be like going back to an old friend when we start filming again, added Sam.
The actors have signed a seven year contract so it appears the Outlander phenomenon could be around for some time.
Caitriona added: "That's standard in the US when you sign but we should be so lucky if it continues to go that long. We're really excited about season two and if that goes well there will hopefully be a season three. "In this business you can never count on things so we'll take it one year at a time."

A SEVEN years contract? WHOA

read the whole article at the Source

Glasgow hosts the UK premiere to Outlander, the show which is a love letter to Scotland

Fans, cast and crew, and the media gathered at Glasgow's Grosvenor cinema to watch the pilot episode of the show which is shown in the US Starz network.

[Gary Lewis and Grant O'Rourke quotes]Glaswegian actor Gary Lewis addressed the fans at the Grosvenor ahead of the showing, joking, "I'm dying to see this even though I am not in the first episode." The star, who plays Colum MacKenzie, was joined by Grant O'Rourke who plays Rupert McKenzie at the screening. Grant said: "The Glasgow premiere is much cooler than London."

Aside from the well known actors, many of the men and women who took on extra roles attended the event. Ken Geddes, from East Kilbride, was an extra with grandson Charlie (10) He said: "Outlander will be huge, it already has a big fan base."

[Quotes from the Q&A]After the screening, fans were linked-up to London to watch the live Q&A.

Show stars Caitriona Balfe, who plays Claire Randall, and Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie Fraser, showed their chemistry continued off screen as they playfully joked with each other while answering questions.
Caitriona admitted she is currently working on the Jodie Foster directed project Money Monster which also stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts. She said: "I am really excited about it. But I am more excited about getting back to the Outlander family."
Sam was told by an audience member that his character Jamie was the Mr Darcy of that era, and he was asked how he coped with that. The actor beamed: "Jamie is a fantastic character to play and Colin Firth I am coming for you."

It was, however, producer Ron D Moore who summed up the Outlander story perfectly by saying, "The books and the show is a love letter to Scotland. "It's a great place and the people are lovely."

Grant was spot on, the Glasgow premiere was cooler!


[The Times]There's also a review on The Times but I don't have a subscription so I couldn't read it.

(embarrassing pic is embarrassing)

Eveningtimes review of the first episode: I know my journey with Outlander has only just begun...I'm hooked

Cute Video Interviews - I don't know how to embed it - with Gary Lewis, Grant O'Rourke, Marina Campbell (Jasper's human) here and here
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