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10 Minute Audio Interview w/ Sam (YAS MORE PROMO YAS)

"We’ve been filming in Scotland, so we’re kind of in our own bubble. The show has only just aired in the UK so there is no recognition there, which is fantastic because we can concentrate on the job. We flew to Comic Con this past year and the reaction was incredible. We did a big panel and I’ve been in Los Angeles recently and people do recognize you. On the whole it is very genuine, very friendly. They just sort of sidle up next to you and whisper, ‘I really enjoy the show. I’m a big fan,’ and they’ll leave you to do your thing. But that sort of thing is very new to me."

Some highlights:
- Sam just received the first two scripts today and was reading them at lunch (qtpie).
- In 1B there are more non-book characters (or characters that have been expanded).
- Appreciative of the supportive fans, he calls out the people waiting in the cold in Toronto to see him specifically.
- "On the whole" people who recognize him have been genuine and friendly.
- Talks briefly about Batman Live and traveling the world.
- Sam thinks all of Diana's characters are very strong and multifaceted.
- He doesn't think it should be anything groundbreaking to have a lead female character, but if people choose to think of it as feminist then that's great.
- Sam looks for moments where he can bring in how Jamie smiles, sleeps, various tics etc... based on book descriptions.
- Name drops Chekov, talks subtext and letting silence speak.
- Sam hopes that the difficult subject matter to come is portrayed not just through dialogue but silence. "We need to be brave" [enough to do that].

Thank you moonlies! This was a great interview!
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