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Round Up Post! Edition: March 21 - 28

ICYMI in the Last FFAF:

Cait Leaves LA and Posts Photo of Dear Eddie
Daily Record is Messy in its Outlander Article
Sam's WtSE Director Says VERY Nice Things About Him & Photo
WtSE Make Up Artist Spreads More Sam Love & Photo
Herald Scotland Review of OL + Maril is in Scotland
Leaked NSFW Still of Sam from 1B
Matt Roberts Guarantees Ep 9 Will Melt Snow Across the World!
New BTS Photos from 1A
Some Minor Spoilers from Entertainment Weekly
Lotte is Gorgeous & Will Attend NY Premiere
Sam Was Excited to See Outlander Fam in London
CONFIRMED: Cait & Sam are "good sorts"
Sam & Ron on Why UK Premiere is Important
Graham will Attend NY Premiere
Cait Misses Eddie & BFF Simon
Photo of Sam w/ Anglophile Awards at London Premiere
Sam & Cait Being Cute on Social Media Post-Lorraine Show
Sam & Cait Photographed Outside Lorraine Show
Cait Interview w/ TV Link
Ginger Jasper Snuggles Against "Sam" in Glasgow
Photo of Cait Visting World Child Cancer HQ
Rolling Stones Names OL as Top 10 Show to Watch
E!Online Spoiler Chat w/ More Ep 9 Info
Matt Roberts Promises Fun Stuff During Next Hiatus
Tobias Video Interview w/ PopSugar
New BTS Picture from Upcoming Episode
Tom & Lorenzo Breakdown London Premiere Fashions
Parody - Outlander Commercial ;)
Sam Sent His Supporters a Message Regarding My Peak Challenge
Starz Offering Free Preview Weekend & Ep 9 Screening in Some US Markets
New Still of Jamie & Claire from 1B
Cait & Diana Interview from TCAs & Photos
Terry Says S2 Casting Has Not Happened Yet
Telegraph Reviews Outlander and is... Cringey
Starz Promotes OL on Instagram
Comic Con OL Presence - Pretty Much Confirmed
Starz Became #2 Premium Cable Net in Q4 2014
Sam Doing Facebook Q&A on March 30
Toronto Star is Cheeky About Sam's Paley Fashion
Fan Picture of Tobias in San Francisco
Madrid was Host to Outlander Costume Exhibition
Sam Took Pictures w/ Fans in Toronto
Sam Took Photo w/ Reporter & is Again Confirmed to be Sweet
Video of Sam Taking Photos w/ Fans (and a Dog!) in Toronto
Lainey Takes Photo of Sam During His Interview
New BTS Photo of Sam, Cait & Lotte
Sam, Cait & Diana Give Withdrawal Tips
GIFs of Sam Being a Goof & Commenting on Lack of Man Bun
(Selfie Stick) Photo of Sam & ET Canada Anchor
Lainey is Onboard the Sam Train!
Sam & Cait Will Appear on London Live on March 30
Photo of Casual!Sam During Another Interview in Toronto

BONUS: *Epic* Analysis of Twilight Fandom and Kristmas in July '12 Meltdown by liviana89. A Must Read! 10/10! 5 Stars!

Posts with Outlander News:

Outlander Cast: ‘Game Of Thrones helped open the door for us’
Video of Cait & Sam Reading Your Tweets!
New Stills from 1B
Cute (short but sweet) Interview w/ Sam & Cait from Outlander Podcast
Round Up of Press from London Premiere
Video of Sam & Cait on the Lorraine Show
Digital Spy: Sam & Cait on Series Origins and the Future
Sam & Cait's Interview With I’m With Geek
Video of London Premiere Q&A w/ Sam, Cait & Ron
New Season 1 BTS Photos w/ Location Info
Sam Chats Sex Scenes and Feminism w/ Glamour UK
Sam Talks Sex Scenes & Training for Outlander
Radio Times Interview w/ Sam
Sam Interview with The Scottish Sun
Outlander’s Caitriona Balfe Answers 7 Questions
Sam Shares His Fav Outlander Moments for DirecTV (11 Videos!)
New Video Featurette - "Married Life" w/ 1B Footage!
Sam on Canada's The Morning Show + New Ep 9 Footage
Sam on Jamie’s Past, Show Success, Season 2 Prep
Arizona Republic Q&A with Producer Maril Davis
10 Minute Audio Interview w/ Sam (YAS MORE PROMO YAS)

Posts with Discussion/Community Focused:

Audiobooks: All 8 Books Read by Davina Porter
Previously on... Outlander: Episode 6 - The Garrison Commander
Live Discussion Post! Re-Watch of 1x07 - The Wedding
March Sassness Tournament - Vote for Best Scene from 1x07
Live Discussion & Updates of London Premiere
Win a Gift Bag from the London Premiere!

Previous Round Up: March 14 - 21.
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