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Previously on... Outlander: Episode 7 - The Wedding

Pussy Alert!!!
This male gaze right now... liviana89

Here we go!!! Let the fucking and sucking commence!!!!afropunkchic_03
Cannot wait for Jamie and Claire to do it on the wedding dress!! liviana89

Surprise!Fred with a Surprise!Marriage.

FORMAL VIOLIN angedesoir
Claire/Cait walking and stalking that pavement like she on the runway......;) afropunkchic_03
That hat. Those gloves. All so chic. I love everything about the 1940's wedding suit.
Shame about the 1940's choice of bridegroom though.mea_culpa2
I love the subtle "45" on the building. fenchurchly
MRS MAN'S NAME angedesoir

Let's be real; Claire should have married that bottle of whiskey. Love at first sight. kreidy
Someone said "Olé"
Lamenting violin and clarinet. angedesoir

Worst Claire voice over ever. ama_blue
The only pearls I care about "come" later in this episode. liviana89


Enter: An adorably nervous JAMMF. afropunkchic_03
Big Red gives good speeches tbh. liviana89
I love how he's like "oh fuck, she has my last name now" fenchurchly
Aww@poor Jamie feeling he’s so unwelcome into her body.mallmouse

Jamie learns right from the get go that alcohol will be the third person in this marriage.mea_culpa2

Standing in the stable, posing, errybody's holding on to their belts. angedesoir
lol at jamie suddenly being all like 0.0 when he heard about consuming tusiaczek87
It's like he didn't even think of it, lol. Which is a LIE. liviana89

Oh Dougal
Claire in Dougals mind tbh:
I really miss the "Why Jamie?" deleted scene now. Grumpy, overprotective Murtagh is the best.kreidy

girl you don't see he is crushing hard??? tusiaczek87
Stop lying you bastid, you married for wuv. afropunkchic_03
I also married you to show off my amazing mane of red hair in all its glory. Is it working for you, lass?kreidy
Well hell, Claire, NOW you get with the program and put down the drink! Subtext, woman! weatherspoon10

Tell me about you family....
One minute of mourning for the better scene we could've had now.liviana89
I really wish that they had left Claire's slip up about the car accident in the show. it would have been a valuable addition to keep that conflict of time in the forefront. weatherspoon10

Aw, he is so ridiculously sweet about Claire stalling. Most other guys would be pissed and frustrated as hell with her. Not JAMMF! mea_culpa2
Love his giggles when he says "How many generations back." mandersonmsp
Jamie giggling is like sunshine and unicorns and sunflowers on a warm day. liviana89

I just realized Claire's weak spot is a husband who cannot stop talking about his family and or genealogy. Better get your family tree, Jamie. kreidy

The way he rolls his Rrrrrrrrrrrs
"Right under the noses of 300 clansmen!"
"Beaming Red the whole time!"
Claire 'bout to find out what else that tongue can do! weatherspoon10

To Bed or To Sleep?

To the bed, the floor, up against a wall. Your choice cha0sc0ntained
Smooth move, Jamie. fenchurchly

This undressing scene is so ridiculously sexy.liviana89
He probably already pre-came at this task alone. afropunkchic_03

God they haven't even kissed and he's cupping her breast magicalsibylle
Sampling the titties first....of course you do Jamie. afropunkchic_03

Jamie can't deal with the sexual tension either, y'all. fenchurchly

The undressing and the tension is almost better than the sex. And that KISS. I'm surprised he didn't Ginger Mindwipe Fred from her mind for good. weatherspoon10

God Jamie's sooo fucking awkward, lol. afropunkchic_03
He about to do it with his boots on!ama_blue
The mother-fucking kilt has dropped! mandersonmsp

That's right, take initiative boo boo. afropunkchic_03
Jamie: "If I need guidance, I'll ask."
Claire: "Wrong way, dummy." liviana89

I *loooveee* that they made the first time kind of awkward. And by "kind of" I mean SUPER FUCKING AWKWARD fenchurchly

Dying @ him not even kissing her while they had sex. fenchurchly
Lol, he still has so much to learn. liviana89
I love that they let the awkward silence after the awkward sex go on for so long. And Claire pulling her shift back up. mea_culpa2

That fucking adorable no longer virgin! mandersonmsp
Love Jamie's self satisfied face. fenchurchly

Jamie wanted horsey!
fucking from behind is great, jamie don't feel silly!! tusiaczek87

Did you like it?
Oh Jamie. So much to learn.
Dinna worry, Claire has an PHD in sexing your husband up. liviana89
He looks so devastated :( mea_culpa2

In the immortal words of Queen Anne herself: "What happens to the cum?" mea_culpa2

How was your first time did you bleed? cha0sc0ntained
violion guy is my 2nd favorite supporting character in this episode pinteresques
that flop music gets me EVERY TIME tusiaczek87

The fact that Jamie goes downstairs in just his shirt and boots makes me believe in higher powers. liviana89
it would be a crime for him to hid them thighs the_scampool

Look at this non-virgin working the room. And KILLING the "just shirt and boots" look!mea_culpa2

PROUD PAPA MURTAGH. weatherspoon10

Oh Dougal, showing your cards there. chapmangrl
Dougal - the most sinister and awkward wedding planner ever. kreidy
He doesn't have time to be chit-chatting with you, Dougal. He's got some Sassenach corn to grind upstairs. mea_culpa2

i can be your sub and you can be my dom claire!tusiaczek87
(I'd be eating them and not the cheese tbhhhhh) fenchurchly

He says these sweet things across the table, pours her more whisky, and she shrugs away from his touch? HOW DARE YOU. weatherspoon10
damn jamie's pick up lines

boy got game tusiaczek87
Aww, bb Jamie is trying his hand at seduction techniques.liviana89
the way sam enunciates "mo nighean donn" its just so intimate pinteresques
Jamie could describe the water in a burn all fucking day in bed with me. But Claire changes the subject. mandersonmsp
LOL, Claire barely managing to contain the lust.afropunkchic_03

Fairy Godfather Murtagh <3 <3 <3 fenchurchly
he be like: you guys are my otp1!!!!!! claire's has your mum smile!! have babies!!!! tusiaczek87
"Cloos" - Murtagh zigzagger of redcoots angedesoir
Did Mourtagh hit it with the widow is what we wanna know mallmouse

Quit cock-blocking yourself claire!

Jamie planning the Malibu Stacey wedding of his dreams. <3 liviana89

Bible rap battle !locktheunlock
I go back and forth between being completely entertained and completely bored to tears over the Bible Off. weatherspoon10
Honestly this bible bashing should've been replaced by more sex mea_culpa2

jamie be like i am hungry but not for food
wink wink tusiaczek87
he is ALL about trying to get some more fenchurchly

jamie what are you doing throwing that cheese in the fire WHY WASTE GOOD CHEESE pinteresques
It's not alcohol so it doesn't matter if you are a Scot. angedesoir
He's got sex on the brain mea_culpa2

Yes, nibble on that cut Jamie!! It's hot and romantic at the same time! liviana89
I love him kissing her cut, he's like I'm tired of talking about center pieces lets fuck again! mandersonmsp

the Dynamic Duo Get the RING DONE!!!
rupert and angus being weeding planners is still the best lmao tusiaczek87
He looks like the blacksmith from Asterix :D angedesoir
Dinna fash, BB Rupert. I didna ken what the part that goes in to the lock and the other part was, either. weatherspoon10

a key to what?
get to know in episode 9! tusiaczek87
Awww. Jamie's a sentimental, dramatic ass bae.<3 afropunkchic_03

Hoorhooose fenchurchly
nothing better like shopping for weeding dress in a brothel!
say yes to the dress outlander edition! tusiaczek87
"I want to look sexy and classy"
*puts on strapless dress that looks like 90% of the dresses out there* liviana89

I love Ned being a member of #pervnation. fenchurchly
I guess Ned was the best choice for this errand. Dougal would have been grinding so much corn, he would've come back with popcorn and the clap instead of a dress. weatherspoon10

oh Ned, you didn't just show your bag full of shelling in a hoooorhouse, didn't you? di_elle
ned you naive sophisticated newborn baby
but get some dude! tusiaczek87

Benjamin Franklin's scenes in the hoor house was too long. mandersonmsp

James. Alexander. Malcolm. Mackenzie. Fraser.

loved them bonding over their wedding guestsmallmouse
still has his boots on! mea_culpa2

Of course she doesn't remember shit. Dumbass go herself drunk, like a stupid teenager. locktheunlock
And no AA to rescue her in those times.mallmouse

i remember every moment every second
umm just like me with this episode tusiaczek87

The mice did a great job on the dress and the birds nailed Claire's hair. mandersonmsp
as if I SSSSSSHtep outSSSSide in cloudy day SSSSSSSuddenly the SSSSSSun came out di_elle
That is the first time I ever found Parseltongue sexy. I might have to change my opinion of Slytherin house. mcsangel3


I can't marry you
and jamie looked like he saw a puppy being murdered tusiaczek87
Claire, get that sour look off your face. You got a nice new dress, you're not being delivered to BJR, and you get to marry the hottest highlander in the history of ever. weatherspoon10

JAMMF BAMFer at your service cha0sc0ntained
I cannot deal with the bow, you guys. It's too earnest. fenchurchly
He's so gallant and she goes for a handshake. Get your head in the game, WOMAN. weatherspoon10

Cue the violins of guilt and the bagpipes of desire!mandersonmsp
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Ze deh smear de mai craih. angedesoir
you are blood of my blood
and bone of my bone

that whole vow is beautiful tusiaczek87
Jamie looks at the priest like, "Really?! I get to smash my face with her face?" mandersonmsp

Finally. Second round is coming.locktheunlock
claire be like: i want my magic mike version of that night! tusiaczek87
Take that damn shirt off, you big rouge rascal.afropunkchic_03
Thanks for this Claire, because I want to look at him too. mandersonmsp

Jamie, Claire is trying seduction techniques now!
Yas Claire sis, take your time to assess that assage.afropunkchic_03
No matter how many times I watch that ass walk, it will never not be hot as fuck. No wonder Claire reaches her peak in about 10 seconds. mea_culpa2

He just straight dunks the dick in.afropunkchic_03
No back board, no rim. fenchurchly
Every sword needs a sheath, ye ken? mandersonmsp

ICU wedding dress. liviana89

Claire being meek and obedient in bed........ mea_culpa2
"What are you doing?"
It's time to take this party downtown, Jamie. liviana89


Slob on that knob, like corn on the cob. mandersonmsp
oh my word, I feel like a voyeur rn fenchurchly

Making Jamie have all types of questionable expressions..... afropunkchic_03
I'm so glad to see a scene where the man gets to look like an idiot while having an orgasm!weatherspoon10

me during this sex scene

That sloppy top put Jamie's ass on chill. afropunkchic_03

Dougal "Easy to be Sleazy" Mackenzie strikes again. liviana89
Wedding's aren't complete without an inappropriate drunk uncle. 18th Century Scots, they're just like US! mandersonmsp

Dougal: "I commend you for doing your duty."
Claire: "Have you SEEN your nephew? No, thank YOU." weatherspoon10
this pussy is not for you dougal! jamie put a ring on it tusiaczek87

Rupert jollyness here reminded me of Santa. afropunkchic_03
"wellllll ridddden"
Rupert could read me the phone book and his voice would make everything sexy liviana89

Jamie Gives Claire A Pearl Necklace #pervnation
look claire i gave you not only my dick my also my mother's pearls! tusiaczek87

Jamie is ALL IN. How does Claire not see it? Denial? fenchurchly
FRED WHO? weatherspoon10

Calm him down, calm that ass Claire. He has to learn to take his time in busting a nut. afropunkchic_03
yes sis ride him like your life depend on it tusiaczek87
"she's so touched she rides him like a float at the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade." mandersonmsp

The plaid parallel from ep 1! fenchurchly

Love the nipple kissing!!! afropunkchic_03
There was probably one day of filming where Sam spent the whole time with his mouth on Cait's boobs. Awkward. mea_culpa2

His fucking stomach is ridiculous. fenchurchly
This is everything I need to reach my peak, tbh. liviana89
That GAZE. afropunkchic_03

YAS, domestic!Frasers!! liviana89
head!canon he was eating her out like a champ
It's canon, girl, she looks giddy magicalsibylle

A freshly deflowered, giddy ass JAMMF was so cute! afropunkchic_03
FRODO! angedesoir

this is what freshly fucked looks like
Jamie's dick is already "You are my home now," Claire needs a fucking tutor to get up to speed. Come on child, give in to the Ginger Dick.mandersonmsp

Claire at the end of this episode:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic liviana89

The ring of SauronFrank strikes again. kreidy
Fred ALWAYS has to insert himself, in some form or fashion. afropunkchic_03


I am not making this nsfw comment tusiaczek87

BONUS: Jamie Best Day Ever: The Playlist

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